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Human Structures vs. Nature in TA PROHM Eastern Angkor

Temple Overload? I thought I have seen enough.But there was still one that we would like to visit before ending our day tour of Angkor Complex ----TA PROHM.

If it doesn't ring a bell. Ito lang naman yung temple na nasa Hollywood movie na "Tomb Raider" so people usually call it Tomb Raider Temple.Thanks to that movie starring Angelina Jolie, tourism arrival in Cambodia increased from 300 in 1999 to more than 2 Million in 2012.This is no secret of course.

Ta Prohm is not as grand as the other temples we visited and I featured here in my blog.

**the "Mother of All Temples" that is ANGKOR WAT
**the "Forest of Face Towers" that is BAYON TEMPLE

but it has a special charm which you don't wanna miss.
Tomb_Raider_Ta Prohm
TA PROHM Eastern Angkor

Ta Prohm_Tomb Raider

It is actually a the only one among those we saw that is not multi-level.It is small and is considered a minor temple.But what it lacks in size and grandeur it compensates in its appeal----an old human work of art left to be re-claimed by the forest.

Men came and cleaned the forest to build structures,then men left (as Angkor was abandoned) and the forest slowly reclaimed what was once its.When the French discovered Angkor Complex, the forest has basically closed in into many of the temples in the complex.In Ta Prohm, such invasion of tress was so severe that removing some of them would actually destroy the portions of the temples more than it would do good.The roots of these giant trees which are hundreds of year old are therefore deeply intertwined with the structure of the temple.And that's where the beauty of Ta Prohm.It makes it so unique that removing them will not only cause further structural damage but will ruin the romanticized marriage between human structure and nature.

You have to walk a few hundred yards from the main gate to the temple.This actually used to be a monastery and you can still feel that when you step inside its chambers.

It's weird coz despite it's popularity which means crowd upon crowd of tourists,there seem to be a certain feeling of peace while in there.The other temples we visited were also surrounded by giant trees but being in Ta Prohm really feels like being deep in the forest.


The invasion of trees isn't just confined with the outer edges of the temple bug even in the interior.You'll be amazed walking around and suddenly come face to face with giant roots blocking the way.I made a mistake not looking up and spotting the largest trees which would have meant pinpointing the best photo opt spot.Well,we also had our share of amazing photos taken in such unique setting.


We entered the west gate and exited the east portion where our tuktuk driver was waiting for us.Bought a few cold drinks to quench our thirst and heeded back town for lunch the off we go to the border en route to Thailand.
Ta Phrom was the fitting finale to our short day tour of Angkor Complex.Asked my wife and friends which among all the temples we visited and Ta Phrom was on top of the list.Who says size is all that matters.

A summary of the day tour is coming up next.
Please look for it soon.

This was part of our Day Tour of Angkor Complex which lasted from 5am-2pm.
Tuktuks are everywhere so it's pretty easy.You can randomly call one and negotiate.As long as you don't go far from $20, that's ok. If you arrive at night (like we did) I would suggest you contact the tuktuk driver who will take you to your hotel.Especially if you are planning for an early departure for sunrise.

Our Driver was Mr. SARIN
and I can highly recommend him.He is nice and he will take care of you.
contact him: (855) 070 69 74 84 or 097 83 24 995
He has a website:


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