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VIVERE SPA is the New #2 in my Best Massage List

It's one massage experience that would certainly land in my #2 list when it comes to the massage treatment itself. My #1 would still be Aum Spa in Crimson Mactan. Ahavia Spa would have to move to #3 and Luljettas Hanging Garden Spa to #4 although I would still rank Luljettas 2nd when it comes to the overall experience.

I am talking about VIVERE SPA at Vivere Hotel Filinvest Alabang.

VIVERE SPA at Vivere Hotel Filinvest Alabang
The Spa is fully owned and managed by Vivere Hotel which is an indication of the good reception the Spa receives. We often encounter hotels with their spa section in concession, which could mean that segment isn't profitable so they pass it on to a private operator.Makes sense right?

Services at Vivere Spa includes:

Aromatherapy Baths
Body Scrub & Polishes
Facial Treatments
Aromatherapy Massages

Click on the link below to check their
Complete SPA offerings and Prices

Learning that Vivere Spa is open until 3am was joy. Meaning, we didn't have to rush dinner and we could opt for a later time as my wife and I prefer going straight to bed after a relaxing massage. We booked for 10pm schedule so we had ample time to unwind at the executive lounge and had a few drinks at The Nest later on. The night was nothing but chilling and relaxing.

We were shown around the rooms by one of the staff to check which room would be best suited for me an my wife. Vivere Spa occupies a large area so rooms are spacious and well interiored. There are also a lot of sections tailored for waiting clients, spaces that make you feel that the place is not just a "money-making" section where they crowd beds so as to accommodate as many clients at the same time as possible.

In here, you can feel that things are well spaced and you never feel crowded.


The dim lights and the stillness inside makes you forget that you are in an in-hotel spa.

By the time we finished, the Jacuzzi was already ready.It was there where we stayed for one hour before transferring to one of the rooms for our massage.


We stayed in a private room with two beds.Perfect for couples. The room is the size of the usual deluxe accommodation you can find in most city hotels.It was interiored to the liking of a high end spa.The kitchen and sink, the private bath which includes tub would remind you though that was a hotel room converted in a spa. At any rate, the ambiance makes for a relaxing spa environment.

I asked my therapist to dim the lights further and we were on with the massage.

I asked my masseur to focus more on my back, as always, so "please don't exhaust all your energy on the legs" I remarked coz many masseurs do focus a lot on the legs and fall short on the back later on.She said "okay sir" and she started pressing my legs gently. Despite medium pressure, I was surprised that she was hitting pressure spots that made me realize that my leg muscles are also tired and tight. A few minutes after she started, I already knew that the massage is gonna be great. These are moments when you remind yourself that massage is art. It is about understanding the process and the body of your client.It is about feeling where the tight muscles are and hitting those spots with the right pressure.It should not be rushed and it should not be just same stroked with the same intensity.It takes a seasoned masseur to know that.

And it didn't end at the legs, the pressure was consistent all throughout the session.When it was time to hit my back, my therapist again put on the right pressure I wanted and I was amazed at how she found where my nodules are located especially at the upper back.I do mention to my masseurs about the special need to focus on my back but I don't usually tell them where specifically. I want them to figure it out themselves.Again, experience is needed and understanding and feeling the body of you client is important on this aspect.
I stopped myself from making any sound every time my masseur would hit my nodules at my shoulder and upper back (I didn't want her tkothink I am pervert or anything. haha) so I was savoring every press on those nodules which explains while I was mental blogging most of the time. hahaha

My masseuse was Star, that's her real name, and that will also be the same service you get. I highly recommend her. My wife on the other hand was also very satisfied with her masseuse Kaye. Do look for them and you will never go wrong.

I heard they are developing a new section where they are going to transfer Vivere Spa.I am excited to go back and check it out as soon as it opens. I hope to see my therapist again when I go back. After all, an amazing spa experience should be holistic.It should be a combination of good space and impeccable therapy.

We tried Swedish Massage on this occasion but I heard Vivere Spa is well known for their signature Mabuhay Massage. I can't wait to go back and try that one!

I give Vivere Spa two thumbs up for the spa experience that certainly lands on my top five list!

OPEN DAILY • 9:00 AM – 3:00 AM

VIVERE SPA is located at the 8th floor
of Vivere Hotel Alabang
Call them at 02.771.7777 
Local 3130 | 3230


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