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Cash, Goods, Manpower, let's continue helping our countrymen in Central Philippines devastated by Super typhoon Yolanda in whatever way we can.  ---- Globe users can donate to #YolandaPH victims thru @PhilRedCross. Text RED to 2899. Denoms. in 5, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 and 1000. Also, Text RED AMOUNT to 4143 (Smart)

Also, once it is already safe to visit these places, let's travel there so as to help the local community recover from the tragedy. Remember, tourism means jobs to local people. We don't just travel, we help.


If you are to choose, which is better, Kayangan Lake or Baraccuda Lake? The two are some of the crowning jewels of Coron. I love comparing for the sake of having a point of reference to places that's why I was excited to try both lakes during our do-it-yourself island hopping tour of Coron Island.

Kayangan Lake of course dwarfs  Baraccuda Lake in terms of popularity despite the latter being larger in terms of size. Here's what I think about which of the two is better.

group pic at the dock to Baraccuda Lake

"Family friendly , Lake for all ages"

Kayangan Lake is the "Family Friendly" Lake compared to Baraccuda Lake because even kids could snorkel here without parents getting very worried. The corners with the boardwalk are a bit shallow and you can see the rocks on the side portion through the clear water. Snorkeling here is therefore fun to all ages because one can also see freshwater fish swirling around. Baraccuda Lake on the other hand is for "divers" because of deep water. Of course you can still see the bottom because the water is really clear but you can tell that it's really deep even near the edges. Look a few meters from the edges and there's nothing to see but darkness. Even as an adult, that really made me scared. I almost panicked at some point.

Alone in Kayangan Lake on a rainy day
Kayangan Lake

Of course it's a similar story in Kayangan Lake except that there are more shallow areas in Kayangan. Don't go far from the boardwalk though as it is also nothing but darkness underneath. Given thetopology of the two lakes, the wooden boardwalk in Kayangan is linger and larger. It's because these boardwalks are all wooden and they are only laid on top of the underlying shallow rocks. In Baraccuda Lake therefore, there is only a small boardwalk area near the lake because of the lack of shallow rocks to lay the wooden platform on. More people could therefore be accommodated in Kayangan Lake which makes it more family friendly. I think this explains why it is more popular and tour groups offer it on top of their packages.

boats docking in Kayangan Lake

Baraccuda Lake

The way to get to both lakes are two different stories as well.

With Kayangan Lake, you have to hike a few minutes to get there. That means going up around 100 steps and going down 200+ steps. The way is rugged. No concrete steps or any artificial structures, just natural rocks and soil and a lot of trees in between. This could prove a little bit tricky for old folks and young kids especially during rainy season as it the rocks could get a bit slippery as muddy soil also characterize the trek. Since there are many trees, sun exposure is not an issue. Be sure to take your time going up and down and for sure you will also enjoy the hike rain or shine.
the hike to Kayangan Lake

The famous Kayangan Lake in Coron Island

"Tranquil, mysterious"

The way to Barracuda Lake is more simple and easier. One minute and you are in the lake. Your boat will dock on a wooden platform which runs through the coast. There is wooden platform all the way through the karst rock formations and down to the lake. I Think the local Tagbanua tribe made an impressive work when they laid all this woodwork as it really makes the experience fun and easy without degrading the integrity of the landscape.

Barracuda has it when it comes to which lake is more tranquil. Don't get me wrong, despite the crowd, Kayangan Lake is still peaceful (you know that you are deep in nature when you are here) but there is a different level if tranquility in Baraccuda Lake. Quietness here is deafening and at some point, kinda creepy. There's something about the like, something dark and mysterious that I cannot explain. 
I AM NOT SCARING YOU OFF of course. I guess what I am trying to say is that Baraccuda Lake has a character. There!

Add to that, there are fewer people here and the ruggedness of the rock formation you see while walking through the wooden platform really appeals to me. Mala El Nido na tusok tusok ang mga bato.


Entrance fee to Kayangan Lake is 200 pesos, because of its popularity while it's only 100 pesos in Baraccuda.

At any rate, you will not even notice the entrance fees when you go for a standard tour as rates are already all-inclusive.

Still UNDECIDED whether to DIY or Standard Tour?
Here's to give you an idea of


Both Lakes are beautiful no doubt and I suggest you don't miss any of them when you go to Coron.

If you are to ask me which Lake I like more --- I say it's BARACCUDA LAKE. But that's just me. In terms of which is better, it varies from one person to anothet of course as we have different taste and purpose when we travel. Just consider the good and bad points I mentioned and decide which suits you. In the end, if it is a choice between Kayangan Lake and Baraccuda Lake, why choose one if you can both diba?


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