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ATUAYAN BEACH Coron : the "never beach"

Sand at last!

I am not supposed to write about the place because I jokingly referred to it as "never beach". That joke is of course half-meant.

There is nothing wow about the place but it was a welcome respite to us having been on the boat for quite a while hopping from place after another and despite the hike to Kayangan Lake, it felt like we were on the water for the most part that there was some sort of longing for land and definitely sand.

Atuayan Beach is located on the Western Side of Coron Island. We noticed a few small coves on this side of the island on our way to Atuayan but the waves were a bit big during our visit so it was difficult to dock as those coves are exposed to the open sea unlike Atuayan Beach.

The call it Atuayan Beach, I call it "never beach"

I thought the sand in Atuayan Beach is so so and there are rocky portions when you hit the water part. Not sharp stones but enough to cause a little inconvenience when you swim. I also thought there are too many cottages put up at the beachfront that they look more of an eyesore. 

Different shapes and scattered aimlessly all over the beach. We were also annoyed because of all the places we visited with entrance fees, this was the only one which didn't give us discount.

TALAGANG 100 PER HEAD..No haggling.
Di naman kagandahan! #Bitter. Haha

Point is, if this is a public beach and is free, I would say it is good enough. But for you to pay 100 pesos per head as entrance fee, NO THANK YOU nalang. We didn't have much choice so we made the most out of it.

Yes. I have rants but we did enjoy our stay. It was here actually where we stayed one of the longest as it was our last stop for day 1 of island hopping. We hit the water ---all five of us----and we enjoyed swimming while talking about the places we visited, already marking our personal favorites and our overall impression of Coron Island.

We also had fun playing and feeding this baby monkey. That's all there is. Haha
I was thinking, perhaps all those cottages are meant for many guests who flock here during summer. I am also guessing that the beach is better during sunny days. Again, we came during rainy season. One of the perks of doing so though is that we didn't have to compete for space. The beach was mostly for the five of us and the keepers who were busy singing videoke that time. lol

We went back to Coron Town happy with our island hopping tour and excited about the next day when we will be checking a real beach ----Malcapuya Island.

BY THE WAY, I called it never beach because I don't really recommend the place unless you have no other place to go. Pampatay ng oras, okay lang. :)


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