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Budget Accommodation in Macau: AUGUSTER'S LODGE

I realized that I wasn't able to extensively blog about our Macau-Hong Kong trip in 2011 compared to what I did in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand so I am attempting to post a couple more helpful tips despite most of my photos wiped out when my computer crashed last year. Yeah, my existing posts are nothing but those shitty pang-inggit posts na di naman nakakainggit so I hope this one could be more useful :p

There are only very few budget accommodations in Macau. Last time I checked, there are not even ten. It is quite a challenge therefore for backpackers and budget travelers as most hotels are for high end especially the new ones in  Cotai Strip . If it is budget accommodation that you are after, the old Taipa District is where you should look for. It is here where most historical attractions in Macau are also found.

AUGUSTER'S LODGE is one example.

This was where we stayed during our 24-hour visit in Macau way back 2011. Our first time to stay in such accommodation.

my wife, friend Ro Anne and a new found friend Kuya Ernie
in the streets of Taipa near Auguster's Lodge

Auguster's Lodge offer spartan accommodation where small rooms are stuffed with double deck beds. If you are familiar with dormitory rooms with bunk beds then this is similar. I felt like going back to college. Since you pay for every bed space that you will sleep on, it is expected that you will be sharing the room with strangers.

The room where we stayed was one one which looks boxy. There were two double decks crowded in a small space and simple mattress. There was also a small window to ventilate the place. We arrived quite late at night and other guests were already in their beds when we checked in so it was quite uncomfortable since we should keep the sound low and we couldn't turn on the light as it would create a stir. It was a feat finding your space and coordinating with your partner given the situation. I noticed that the room with a capacity of four had five occupants. One folding bed was added on the side where one Caucasian was sleeping.

With this kind of accommodation, you need to be very patient as you are not in control of the other occupants. Some have bad smell, some snore loudly, some go home early morning from parties and they smell of booze. It's also important to bring an open mind.

What I am not very comfortable at is the fact that the house owner also maintains an office in the living room immediate to our room. I remember them drinking there when we arrived. They were nice to us and were easy to talk to but I felt a little constrained since it our first time for such setup. Parang ang hirap kumilos. Well, it takes getting used to. Haha!

It was comforting to know though that the one who manages the lodge is a Filipina. We didn't get to talk to her a lot coz it was already late and the house was already quiet when we checked in. There's unlimited coffee in the small kitchen and you can use the stove should you want to cook and the washing machine too should you need to wash your clothes. Comes with extra but minimal pay of course.

Book early. You will normally be asked to pay 10% of total price and they will email you immediately to confirm your booking together with the instructions on how to get there. Be sure to print out these instructions as it is kinda tricky to find the place.

Other than it's cheap, (I remember paying less than 1,000 pesos for each of us) another advantage of staying at Auguster's Lodge is that it is in a central location. Senado Square, the Ruins of Saint Paul, Hotel Lisboa are all walking distance away.


is located in
24 Rua Do Dr. Pedro Jose Lobo, Floor 3J, Block 4
Taipa District Macau China