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COCO FRESH TEA AND JUICE: the Best Milk Tea in Shanghai and beyond

I though this particular China trip last summer was not only about China but the China-Taiwan connection as well. I will explain that more when I get to my postings on Nanjing. But the two territories do share a lot indeed. Not just history but even in the business of food. So I thought China is well known for milk true. That's true. 

But if you are gonna ask which shop has the best milk tea in China, many will point out Coco Fresh Tea and Juice which I didn't know is a famous brand from Taiwan and not originally a mainland thing. Taiwan invasion in Taiwan? Maybe so because I heard the most popular version of Xiaolongbao (小笼包) which is the most popular dish in Shanghai happens to be sold in a Taiwan-based restaurant chain. 
COCO FRESH TEA AND JUICE branch in 1930 Street Shanghai

Coco now has over 1,500 stores worldwide, 1,100 of which are in China. 

They also have branches in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, the United States and of course Taiwan where it originated,. We surely enjoyed the accessibility of their stores in Shanghai and Nanjing. It seems like there is a Coco Store when you need a good sip of milk tea.

And online comments are correct. This could probably be the be the Best Milk Tea in China. Well, look at the photo below. That's what we ordered and I do hope it is milk tea indeed. If you ask me what flavor, only God knows what. The menu has no English translation at all at the first time we saw a Coco store in 1930 Street Shanghai and approached the attendant to order Milk Tea, she said no. She can't even understand what "milk tea"means. Damn!

So my wife took the shot because I got irritated and she ended up pointing at photos. The largest photo on the poster and the one most commonly flashed on the electronic board was what we ended up ordering. SO forgive me if it is not milk tea but I am confident it is. haha!
What we like about it is the balance between the main ingredients--- tea, milk and sugar -- with the right intensity but at the same time not overpowering over another. I am sugar addict but I find Quickly for example too sweet and the tea tasting like it is medicinal or something. But Coco for me is the perfect blend of sweetness and milky taste combined with the finest of tea. And the pearls! Cooked to perfection. Hindi lasog lasog. This for 8RMB.
Is it true? Coco Fresh Tea and Juice is already in the Philippines? Share your thoughts here if you have tried their milk tea and other offerings. ^^

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More on Shanghai Soon! ^^