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Dan Bing 蛋饼 (egg pancake/crepe): Probably the Most Famous Street Food in China

Street food in China is diverse but don't expect it to be readily available everywhere like what you can usually find in many Southeast Asian cities. Street food carts in China is a no no so you have to go to major residential areas or tourists spots to find them.

Dan Bing 蛋饼 (egg pancake/crepe is probably the most famous street food/snack in all of China, at least it is the most visible. It is also my favorite because it doesn't have any extreme taste. It is a light snack with vegatable in a crunchy crepe. It is cheap too at 3.5 RMB or roughly 25 pesos.
Dan Bing 蛋饼 (egg pancake/crepe)

So what they do is basically start with the crepe using a giant pan. Watching how they quickly spread the flour on the pan before it hardens is fun. It takes seconds and then comes the egg. Healthy. Some vegetable including basil leaves are added. The crepe is folded to half then sweet sauce is applied.
Other options include chili paste. It is finally folded again and cut into half. The quick and you are crunching into a delicious snack.
These photos were taken in Qibao Old Town Shanghai which i will be writing about in my next post.^^

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