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Marveling at the Skyscrapers of #Lujiazui Pudong + dinner at WishDoing Restaurant

The original plan was to be back in downtown Shanghai in time for sunset and climb The Oriental Pearl Tv Tower's observation deck but we failed because 
1.We enjoyed our time in Guyin Garden and 
2. The bus system in Nanxiang was complicated and there's no way you can ask locals for the right station to take to get back to a train station that is actually within the horizon. We went around in loops wasting precious time.

It was actually still bright when we arrived at Lujiazui station which is the closest access to Shanghai Tower but we got engrossed at taking photos once surfacing from the station. The skyscrapers of Lujiazui Pudong are overwhelming. Some of the best I have seen---modern, towering, iconic. The Jin Mao Tower, which until 2007 was the tallest building in the PRC. Then came Shanghai World Financial Center used to be the tallest building in China, and contains the highest observation deck in the world.
the Skyscrapers of #Lujiazui Pudong 

Currently, the title for the tallest building in Shanghai is Shanghai Tower which has already surpassed Shanghai World Financial Center and is expected to open in 2015.
Lujiazui Metro Station with the Oriental Pearl Tv Tower in the background
The view around Lujiazui Metro Station is amazing. Wide avenues, modern skyscrapers in all angles. You see buildings with distinct design everywhere you look many of which are glass curtains. Each building with its own character.They glitter in the afternoon sun and and glow brightly at night. This is what modernity looks like.

Admission Fee inside Oriental Pearl Tv Tower's observation deck is 220 RMB per person or roughly 1,550 pesos so my wife thought it would be too expensive for a few minutes of sightseeing. Since we missed the afternoon climb, I didn't insist on trying it anymore. We thought of saving the money for the remaining leg of our China trip.


Next to the train station is an elevated pedestrian walk. The foot bridge is a big attraction. It is more of a loop where visitors can go arounf have a 360 degree view of Lujiazui's skyscrapers and surrounding attractions. It is always full of people but the experience is nothing short of being pleasurable.


Dinner at WISHDOING Restaurant

What's with the name? I don't know too. Haha! We were too lazy to go far to check other establishments since we were carrying our heavy backpacks.

My wife was also at that time longing for some generic food and some pork dishes displayed at the restaurant's posters attracted her.

We ordered Rice with Pork Chop ---25RMB or roughly 175 pesos and Pork Braised in Brown Sauce (29RMB) or 200 pesos approximately. I am not sure if those prices are a little above average prices for such dishes. We didn't care anymore.

Ordering again entailed numerous effort. The crew who assisted us thought I am Chinese (do I look Chinese?) so she kept asking me in Mandarin at first. We endes up in sign language again and a lot of pointing on the menu. It took us a few minutes and no orders were made. She finally got tired and took another menu with english text. Meron naman pala eh, pinahirapan mo pa kami! Haha

Well, at least she was all smile the whole time. She was patient and very attentive. The ones seated next to us, a young woman with het mom, were looking at us smiling. The young woman asked me where we are from the moment our food was served and I proudly said "Philippines!". She said she has never been to the Philippines but would love to visit one day. They closed the short conversation by saying ''welcome to China and enjoy your stay" and I replied " xiexie" with a big smile on my face.

That is when we felt welcomed and that people are still hospitable. Ordinary people at least are nice. It was our last night in Shanghai. After dinner, we went back to the foot bridge and went for a little walk again. The weather was perfect, jut a little below 20 degrees Celsius and occasional cool breeze. It was feel good moment before we went back to the metro station again to leave for Nanjing on a midnight train.

Thanks you Shanghai, it has been a pleasurable experience! ^^

We flew in Shanghai via
AirAsia Zest which flies daily to Pudong International Airport.
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