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It was June, the onset of rainy season in the Philippines which also marks the starts of lean season for both international and domestic tourists. For those who who still seek a quick fix away from the Metro as I did, flying to popular tourists spots like Puerto Princesa is more about convenience rather than the attraction. These places have better tourism infrastructure in place so you don't have to worry so much should the weather really gets rough.

Yes, it was June and while in Puerto Princesa, I heard of this Festival they call BARAGATAN.

So I though, okay, why have a festival during this time of the year when people would prefer staying home than flying here? What the hell is Baragatan Festival?

Baragatan Festival Puerto Princesa City
Baragatan Festival and Grand Celebration of the Founding of the Civil Government of Palawan.
From the Cuyuno word "bagat" which means convergence of people coming together from various municipalities bringing their songs, dances and music and present all these aspects of life through cultural presentation, trade shows, exhibitions, float parade and street dancing.

Baragatan Festival 2014 was set June 9-23.

So when I was in PPS last June, other guests at the pension house where I was staying called my attention for this. I tried to chrck out thr happenings at thr provincial capitol area on my last night. Nothing much really except that there was a live band in front of the fountain and the sorrounding sections were filled with diners taking in the offerings of major hotels and restaurants who put up food stalls featuring what they offer in their respective establishments. Seafood and local dishes galore. I already had dinner at that time so I just went around taking photos.
I also checked the bazzar on the side of the provincial hall. Temporary shops selling anything from household accessories to fake dvd's and cheap accessories. People were all out to partake in the festivities while the police we highly visible to make sure peace and order is maintained.
The next day before I left, I heard of a Grand Parade about to take place. I heard that representatives from all towns of Palawan came to join the parade, yes, even as far North as Busuangua and they had to fly just to get to PPS to join the parade. This is what you mean by "convergence of people coming together" showinh how solid the province is.
It might lack the grandeur of other festivals in the country like Masskara, Sinulog, Ati-atihan and Dinagyang but it's nice to know that Puerto Princesa has put up a similar effort. In time Baragatan will eventually evolve and will showcase the energy and uniqueness of Palawan's people. It is one of the few things lacking in this wonderful paradise to draw more tourists in the province.

I flew in Puerto Princesa City via AirAsia and you too can experience this city and its gastronomic offering as AirAsiaPh flies 4x daily to Puerto Princesa from NAIA Terminal 4.

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