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Sunday, November 30, 2014

FERSAL HOTEL PALAWAN is about class and location

Fersal Hotel Palawan

Fersal and thier upscale brand Hotel Elizabeth have always been close to my heart since I worked with them on a project in 2012.

I have literally blogged all Fersal Hotels in Manila >>>here
and Hotel Elizabeth >>here

Fersal Palawan is the latest in their growing portfolio (I heard they are planning a Hotel Elizabeth branch in San Vicente Palawan) so I wanted to write about it. I feel privileged my courtesy call to the hotel was warmly accommodated I can finally introduce it to my readers.
the lobby of Fersal Hotel Puerto Princesa

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


It's the start of travel season in the Philippines again. I am sure you already plotted your next destination. Either you did or haven't made up your mind yet,
here is a TRAVEL GUIDE ON PUERTO PRINCESA that I hope will help you on your next trip to the city.

TAKE NOTE: All the recommendations of accommodation, attractions, restaurants and food that I included here are only those that I personally experienced. I am sure there are more that one can add to the list but I can only attest to the ones here based on my experience.


Sunday, November 23, 2014


Located at the happening district of Poblacion Makati City, checking in at Jupiter Suites gives you the advantage of being at the center of the action. The area is highly popular for nightlife, restaurants and shopping. A few meters away from the hotel and you will find a wide array of dining choices as well as pubs should you want to just chill out any time of the day. The area is very alive at night, quite notorious for the red light district of Burgos Street but it is not to say that there is nothing for those who simply want clean fun.

There are three (3) room types at Jupiter Suites Makati, Standard, De Luxe and Family but the standard rooms has variations depending on your needs. One can book a standard queen, standard double and standard triple room. For the deluxe rooms, double deluxe rooms and deluxe queen are the options. For a bigger entourage, family room is the best fit.

Room Rates at Jupiter Suites Makati

Sunday, November 16, 2014

JUPITER SUITES MAKATI: Affordable rates, friendly staff, unbeatable location

JUPITER SUITES is a budget accommodation located three blocks away from the corner of Jupiter Street and Makati Avenue. I would like to emphasize early on that this is a budget hotel so don't expect me to compare it with other 5-star accommodations in the area.

Once known as the JUPITER ARMS HOTEL, it now boasts of recently upgraded spacious rooms, with each one equipped with modern comfort at par with industry standards.


Jupiter Suites Makati

Monday, November 10, 2014

How to Beat Travel-Based Boredom

Jetting off to foreign climes is one of the most enthralling experiences that life has to offer. New cultures, societies, sights, sounds and tastes await travellers, so much that the act of stepping through the aeroplane door is at the same time a wonderful exercise in self-improvement! There are negatives to travel however, the most pertinent of which being boredom.

Sat in those cramped seats, nothing to do but to watch that re-run of The Simpsons you’ve seen a million times before or thumb through the tarnished, month old in-flight magazine that populates the seat rest; it’s a grim set of affairs for even the most occupied individuals in a flight. How, then, can we banish travel-based boredom?

Window Seat
Beat Travel-Based Boredom
photo credits >>here

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mingwalang Food Street #Nanjing

Some of the most famous snack streets in Nanjing are Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao), Shiziqiao (Lion Bridge) and Xinjiukou. We stayed near Fuzimiao but we didn't dine there because of so many ongoing construction and renovation in many parts of the complex. On our way back to our hostel from Xuanwu Lake , we thought of checking out one of the less famous food streets which I heard is gaining popularity lately --Mingwalang.
Mingwalang Food Street #Nanjing

Sunday, November 2, 2014

LINGGU TEMPLE 灵谷寺 at Zhong Mountain Scenic Area Nanjing

The other reason why we quit walking through the end of the long and exhausting spirit way (Elepahant Road) in Ming Tombs is because we wanted to see the last of the three significant attractions in Zhong Mountain Scenic Area in Nanjing being Linggu Temple.

It was already around 4:00 pm at that time so I was worried the place would close before we get there. We hurried to the  shuttle station again and we were in the temple in five minutes time.
Entrance to LINGGU TEMPLE 灵谷寺  Complex Nanjing
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