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Mingwalang Food Street #Nanjing

Some of the most famous snack streets in Nanjing are Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao), Shiziqiao (Lion Bridge) and Xinjiukou. We stayed near Fuzimiao but we didn't dine there because of so many ongoing construction and renovation in many parts of the complex. On our way back to our hostel from Xuanwu Lake , we thought of checking out one of the less famous food streets which I heard is gaining popularity lately --Mingwalang.
Mingwalang Food Street #Nanjing

Located between Shigu Road and Sanyuan Xiang, Baixia District, Nanjing, Mingwalang is roughly 200-meter-long road starts near Shigu Road, offering a combination of local delicacies and flavors from other parts of the country.

We got here by subway taking off at Xinjekou Station (both lines 1 and 2 has stops at Xinjekou Station, went out at exit #15 and walked a few meters from there. It was kinda confusing at first because the area is at the heart of the financila district of Nanjing.
If you go to Mingwalang, you will find many food like Yijipidu Noodles topped with sliced, deep-fried pig skin, fresh Fujian Wonton, Laotou Gai Jiao Fan which is the stop for rice devotees, and Hongze Pan-fried Dumplings with a caviare fragrance.

That's according to certain blogs though. I don't know how distinguish chinese food/dishes and I noticed most of those on sale are food on stick especially meat and seafood on stick. Ihaw-ihaw kumbaga sa Pinas. I was also surprised because there were not so many stores as I imagined and not so many people too. Maybe because it was not the weekend when we went here.


Other than the obvious stores that you see from the sidewalk, there are a number of sit-down restaurants inside the buildings. Good thing we notice the entrance leading to one of these restaurants.

Again, we had no idea what to order but photos of their food offerings were all over the place so it was a lot easier to choose. 
My wife picked the noodle dish pictured below. Nice spicy noodles with meat, peanuts and otehr condiments in a very big bowl that the two of us hardly finished. One of the best noodle dish we tried in China. ^^
We then found our way back to the subway and the station closest to our hostel. It was not our first time to go back this way but I was still out of direction. We went the wrong way several times until we finally contacted an auto rickshaw to take us there. Had to scan through my pictures to show the place to the driver  hoping he would recognize it as it was impossible to communicate in English. And he did. We sipped a few bottles of beer before calling it a night. ^^

HOW TO GET TO Mingwalang Food Street
1. Take Either Subway Line #2 or #2.
2. Take off at Xinjekou
3. Exit #15
4. Walk a few meters to Minwalang

View Subway Map >>here
Address: between Shigu Road and Sanyuan Xiang, Baixia District, Nanjing.