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Alohas Hostel 愛樂活旅舍 Hong Kong is about Warmth, Privacy, Security and Value for Money @AlohasHostel

Hong Kong, a city of 5.5 Million people bigger than the area of Metro Manila which has 9 million people feels more crowded than the latter. That at anytime of the day, above ground or underground. It feels festive even during late night but it could get a bit tiring at times because of the fast-pace life in the city. That starts to sink after a few days in the city. We felt exactly that on our 3rd day in Hong Kong so moving from a dormitory accommodation to Alohas Hostel was a welcome change in mood and pace.

It is pretty small with only around 7 rooms but the place is really homey and quiet. As I said, a pleasant change in pace as we stayed in a private room with two separate beds. Seeing the room made me feel like instantly getting some rest.


About Alohas Hostel Hong Kong
7/f, Kam Ling Building, 231 Nathan Road, Jordan, Hong Kong
Call +852 5117 3470

As a travel lover, we always want to have a comfortable and pleasant environment with a reasonable price. That's the reason why we start ALOHAS. We hope you could have a happy stay with us and great journey in Hong Kong. We always keep your experience in our heart of design because we wish you have a happy journey with us. With the assistance of local & taiwan designer, our rooms are not only comfortable but also stylish and good looking. --- Source:website

Air/Bus (Recommended)
Applicable if from HK International Airport -45 min
$33 / $23

Depends on your landing time, you may get following bus lines
1. 06:00-00:00, Bus route A21 ($33)
take off at station #11, Prudential Centre (恆豐中心)
2. 00:20-04:40, Bus route N21 /N21A ($23)
take off at station #33, Prudential Centre (恆豐中心)


By Train /MTR
Time & Cost varies
We are next to MTR Jordan station which is on Tsuen Wan Line (shown in Red in MTR route map)
1. Get off at Jordan station
2. Exit from C1 Exit, turn left and walk for 30 Sec.

If I am mistaken there are on 5 or 6 rooms at Alohas Hostel so it is a pretty small but decent place. All rooms except one are double beds perfect for backpackers who can share a room with a buddy without sacrificing privacy. One of the rooms is single with a cool double-deck bed with a computer station underneath. When I saw it I thought it is the kind of bed I want for my small apartment in Manila.

And we got our room for 300 HKD per night. Isn't that cheap. Value for Money indeed given the private room!


What you instantly notice at Alohas are the warm welcome of staff. In the course of our 2-day stay, I was able to meet three in charge of reception and all of them always have warm smiles pasted on their faces. You therefore feel the warmth of the place.

We badly needed that warmth because we got busier. For Saturday for example, we spent the whole day in Disneyland and were so exhausted. Going back to Alohas Hostel feels like going back to our cocoon.

I love that it has private toilet and they provide toiletries and towel too. Hot shower is easy to operate. Bed was very comfortable and there is tv too although my roommate only opened set in a local channel with language we cannot understand so as to fill the void. It is also pretty much strategic in terms of location as it is only a few meters away from MTR Jordan location.


Wifi is fast and reliable. That is very important so as to keep connected with friends and keep up with research for next day's itinerary. Security is dependable. There is a guard at the ground floor before the elevator and the main gate closes at 12 but guests are given keys to open it.


The surrounding area is also very alive with shopping and dining. Pretty busy place. We found some nice dining spaces nearby and shopped for a few clothes and snacks too. Receptionists are very nice. I hot to meet three of them during our stay and they were all smiles. At night nobody was at the reception but the place is secure with electronic key lock, cctv and a guard at the ground floor entrance. I just have a little issue with the elevator as it gets broken sometimes. One time we had to take the stairs up and it was pretty tiring. Other than that, we were very happy with our choice of Alohas hostel as our home for two nights. I Will Keep Coming Back to This Hostel!

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