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Go Gangnam: A K-Food Festival at Food Exchange Manila from Feb 21-27 @NovotelManilaAC #GoGangnamAtNovotel

I developed a liking for Korean food back in 2008. At that time I was a newbie in a Korean company in Ortigas teaching English to Koreans online. And Korean food is not something that you fall in love with at first try especially if you hit on the spicy dishes on first sample. But give it time and it grows on you. Soon you will find yourself hooked on the distinct taste that is Korean cuisine.

Many hotels these days include a few Korean dishes in their menu or buffet offering due to the significance of Koreans on tourist arrivals in the country. The number of tourists from South Korea breached the 1 Million mark last 2014 and if data is correct, they reached 1.5 million last 2016. That's wow! Not to mention that the Philippines holds the largest number of Koreans in diaspora in Southeast Asia.

Novotel Manila Araneta Center's Food Exchange takes it further as tribute to Korea's significant contribution to the culture, entertainment and tourism industry of the Philippines by not just a few but a whole range of Korean dishes on offering. Thus, #GoGangnamAtNovotel A K-Food Festival at Food Exchange Manila from Feb 21-27.


Feast over authentic Korean dishes by Korean chef Jong-Man Kim who flew all the way from Seoul to Manila. Yes, Novotel Manila Araneta Center is that serious in providing an authentic gastronomic experience to not just Koreans living and visiting our country but also to locals, many locals, who enjoy Korean food.


Indulge in dishes such as Japchae, made from sweet potato noodlesm stir fried in sesame oil with vegetables, beef, flavoured with soy sauce and sweetened with sugar; Bibimbap, which means " mixed rice" served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul and gochujang, soy sauce, doenjang with sliced meat and fried egg; Bibim-naengmyeon, delectable recipe of cold, chewy noodles bathed in an Asian spicy sauce, garnished with julienned cucumber, Korean pear slices, pickled radish strips and boiled egg on top, Hobak Namul, a Korean pan-fried zucchini; Gaji Namul, a Korean side dish made of steamed eggplant; Pork Bolgogi, a sweet-and-spicy-marinated stir-fried pork; Korean braised chicken, a savory, mildly salted and sweeet with a subtle spicy kick famous Korean dish; Grilled Pork Ribs, stir-fried Kimchi Rice and much more.


I love the Korean Kimchi Rice, the best I have tried to date. The kimchi that goes with it has that strong spicy kick. I also like Korean chicken barbeque and fish barbeque and pork humba.

Mon-Thurs Buffet lunch Php 1,488 nett 
Buffet dinner Php 1,588 nett 

Buffet lunch Php 1,488 
Buffet dinner Php 1,888 

Sat-Sun Buffet lunch / Buffet dinner Php 1,888 nett


Aside from the authentic Korean dishes during the go Gangnam K-Food Festival, Food Exchange Manila's buffet lunch and dinner still showcases other International favorites like brick oven pizzas, pasta, chicken tikka massala, chicken curry at the Indian section which I find really good, homemade ice cream, freshly made puto bumbong and bibingka at the dessert section as well as sushi and sashimi at the Japanese section.


This is in partnership with Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam, Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Cultural Center.

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