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These Cafes in Hong Kong Will Increase Your Appetite for Coffee

These Cafes in Hong Kong Will Increase Your Appetite for Coffee   

If you think Hong Kong is good for shopping and nightlife alone then you’re mistaken. The city has to its credit of boasting about a few coffee shops that just refresh your mind and ignite your taste buds. And, you may be surprised when we say that there are people across the globe who fly to Hong Kong to taste exclusive beverages & menus. More interesting, they don’t mind spending to board top-class air services like Cathay Pacific!!! So, next time when you are in the city and are tired of shopping and other activities in Hong Kong refresh in these renowned coffee shops & cafes.

Barista Jam:
Barista Jam is one of the most loved spots for people in Hong Kong. Every item that reaches your table is worth trying it. The café has Japanese siphon coffee makers, French press makers, machine grinders, hand grinders, Moka pots, AeroPress and all sorts of coffee machines and means that one can never imagine. These in combination make this place a preferred hangout for locals where they sit, sip coffee and chit-chat for hours together. 

Cupping Room Coffee Roasters: 
Cupping Room is where one can be assured of tastiest coffee in the town. The café has won Foodie Forks 2018 Best Café award in addition to being a two-time winner of Barista Champion of HK. The place is simple with decent décor and has most-friendly staff. Tasty Bonsoy soy milk and simple breakfasts such as the scrambled egg on sourdough are their hallmarks. With free Wi-Fi and consistent inflow of visitors who spend long hours, the place is always stocked. This place is mostly preferred by freelancers due to the presence of Wi-Fi and friendly staff.

Owners Eugene and Marcus, who are originally from the West are not only the proud owners of this coffee shop but are also Accountant at KPMG and Economics Professor respectively. Probably with this experience they really know what they are up to-perfect drinks with the perfect ambience. They have cautiously designed and curated the location that depicts California’s unruffled atmosphere in this picturesque haven. Do remember this is the only coffee shop that serves Blue Bottle Coffee which is the most liked beverage of Americans.

Photo credits: LOF10 Facebook Account

The Roaster SteP by SteP:
Trust us, coffee is at its best here. You not only have the option of tasting the most perfectly brewed coffee or tea but you also have the chance to know the origin of the beverage you’re sipping. The cafe gives details about the origin, specialty and other such information about the coffees and teas served here. It is also famous for waffles & bakery treats.

Brew Bros Coffee:
They have coffee filters imported from Ethiopia and espresso imported from Rwanda. The coffee shop is known to serve special coffees that are in Melbourne style. Coffee beans are brought from Market Lane, a specialty brewing coffee roaster in Melbourne. Apart from coffee, people can also taste good tea here. Amongst teas, Prana Chai that’s made of pure black Ceylon tea powder, cardamom, fresh ginger, Australian bushland honey and cinnamon shouldn’t be forgotten to taste. If you are lucky you will have the chance to taste homemade gingerbread men.

Opendoor Cafe + Courtyard:
This neighborhood coffee shop has a good number of specialty beverages and timeless favorites such as kefir smoothies and almond milk coffee. Changing to the needs and time of the hour the café at present even serves cauliflower fried rice and other light food kinds of stuff.

Photo credits: LOF10 Facebook Account

3rd Space:
Previously the café was located on Po Hing Fong but at present, you can find this tasty coffee maker at 16 Upper Station Street. Funky food recipes are its trademark. Where can you find a sea salt caramel pancake topped with home-produced banana jam? 24/7 breakfast, warm coffees and welcoming hosts will give you a great community feeling.

Halfway Coffee:
A haven for coffee lovers and Instagram fanatics. This old-fashioned and picturesque coffee shop is present between an array of historic shops. The specialty is, it serves tea and coffee in porcelain cups, unique of its kind in the area. If you are here, don't forget tasting Okinawan black sugar milk, it just tastes marvelous.

Coffee & –
Probably the idea behind this coffee shop is to help people who either hate laundry and washing or who don't have time for these works. Coffee & Laundry is the perfect spot if you don't like laundry work. Just hit there, order coffee and wait for your turn to collect your washed clothes. Ethiopia is the sourcing nation for the coffee beans used here. The blend and taste here are floral and delicate. You can taste flavors such as white flower, oolong and peach here. If your taste buds ask for a coffee that is sweet and also bit acidic then this is the perfect place.

Feeling overwhelmed with these coffees then it is time for you to board Cathay Pacific flight and give yourself a treat that’s worth it. If you are flying from Singapore to Hong Kong then we will double your coffee experience. Surprised how? Just click the link below and see what is waiting for you.