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Breakfast Bliss at #CAFE1771 Ortigas

This is what I miss about living in the area of Ortigas District, they have so many good restaurants to dine in.One particular place at the corner of Dona Vargas and ADB Ave is Cafe1771 which has earned a reputation on their breakfast menu.

Finally found a reason few weeks ago to week up early on a weekend and drop by the place before heeding to Clark Pampanga. Other bloggers, Ted, Cha were there to join us.Twas their first time to meet my wife but they instantly clicked on each other.We feasted on the food and had a lot of conversation on the side.Feel-good morning if I might say so.Thanks to the fresh ambiance and the posh interior of Cafe1771.

Breakfast Bliss at #CAFE1771

The Interior
The generally light interior punctuated by hues of blue makes the place very pleasing on the eyes.Parang summer fresh feel lang lagi so it doesn't really matter if it is a bit overcast outside.The restaurant has three different sections each retaining a homey vibe.I like the sectioning because it makes for a "let's-find-our-comfortable-corner" kind of thing.

A high table here, a cozy sofa there, even the furniture cater to your mood either you woke up on the right side of your bed or not.I love the shelves with stacks of books.It gives more class into the space and at the same time calls for a more tamed person in you.Keep


We started out with some Filipino dishes.Adobo flakes fried rice and then Baguio Longganisa na Sabog.Adobo friend rice is a favorite.A fitting start to a lovely morning.Perfect with hot chocolate or coffee.

Baguio Longganisa na Sabog though was a bit of a disappointment.Or was it just me?Coz I thought it doesn't taste the same with the Baguio Longganisa I tried in Azalea Residences last time.It was a bit salty and I hardly noticed the garlic flavor.Or is it because I am not really a big fan of Baguio longganisa,I find it confused between Pampanga's sweet version and Ilocos' garlic-ky flavor.I still prefer that of Ilocos, and Alaminos longganisa---the best!
Adobo Flakes Fried Rice --250php
Garlic fried rice mixed with chicken and pork adobo,spring onions,topped with fried egg.


Baguio Longganisa na Sabog--350php


Hole in One Corned Beef --350php
Corned beef hash and fried egg served with a choice of wheat bread or plain rice.

Corned beef seem to be an asset of the restaurant chain.If you have tried Sinigang na Corned beef at Sentro1771 then you know what I mean.Hole in One Corned Beef is perfect.

Eggs Florentine in a Boat
Poached organic eggs and creamed spinach over a puff pastry boat topped with hollandaise served with side salad and a choice of:

Homemade Ham--380php
Smokee Salmon--440php

I love the creamy taste.The ham is perfect.Could get a bit "kaumay" though.Thanks to the egg yolk.Good thing it comes with salad to counter the umay effect.Overall, I like it.One of the must-try's.

Croque Madame --370php
Baked layers of ham, Gruyere cheese, whipped with creamy bechamel sauce over a slice of English bread and topped with sunny side up egg. 

One of my favorites.Creamy.Cheesy.And comes with the most perfect sunny side up I have ever seen. Wink ***

Pancake with Caramelized Banana 
and Candied Walnuts --350php

Caramelized banana and candid walnuts on a pancake? I call it HAPPINESS.Really satisfied my sweet tooth.I can have ten servings of this in one seating! :)

Breakfast will not be complete without the desserts of course.We sampled out Gianduja Truffle Mouse Cake, Sugar-free Passionfruit Cake and Amandelle. Amandelle was my favorite but I would like to say that the Passionfruit cake was a standout for its sour kick.Plus it's sinfully healthy too!

Gianduja Truffle Mouse Cake--250php
Tempting layers of gianduja truffle mouse using a white and dark Valrhona chocolate with home-made marshmallow and brownie fudge.

Sugar-free Passionfruit Cake --230php
A combination of coconut dacquoise passion fruit bavaroise and caramelized pineapple using natural sweetener.
Amandelle -300php
Milk chocolate mouse in between layers of orange creme brulee and caramelized apricot and almond dacquoise.
This is my idea of a blissful breakfast, a cozy place + good food + good companions.

Cafe1771 serves breakfast until 10am. It's only 7:30am as of posting this entry so you can still heed there and try their breakfast yourself.Worry not should you miss it though, the place if famous as an all-day restaurant. May it be lunch or dinner, I am sure you'll find a lot of interesting choices in their menu.

They are located at J. Vargas cor ADB Ave. El Pueblo Ortigas.
For reservations, call 631-7340.




  1. nanlaki naman mata ko sa sarap ng foods!
    and the place were nice and cozy too ahh


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