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TUMALOG FALLS: The Curtain-ish, Fairytale-ish Waterfalls in Oslob Cebu #Wonder-fall!!!

Oslob is not just about Whale Sharks. It is home to other interesting attraction. From the whale watching area you can see Sumilon island which is very popular for its white sand beach. You will encounter some folks offering boat tours to the island. There is also the ruins in town which we didn't visit. Interestingly, they also have waterfalls, a beautiful waterfalls they named Tumalog. I highly suggest you go there.
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One thing I like about this falls is the road. It is up in the mountain but it took us less than 10 minutes to get there thanks to good road condition. I didn't see any dirt road until the base of the stream that leads to the waterfalls. It was a breezy ride via multicab for 150 pesos from Brgy. Tan-awan  after whale shark watching and lunch. We were offered the ride by people there and I think it is an easy, convenient option. Fast and cheap.

That rate is reasonable as the ride is mostly uphill. If you are thinking of walking up the waterfalls then it is going to be quite a challenge. The ride commence at the section where there is a road that goes downhill, a very steep one but still cemented. From above you can already notice the beautiful drop of Tumalog Falls. You will be offered motorbike ride for 50 pesos per head two-way and 30 pesos per head one-way. We opted to walk going down para di naman masyadong "lazy travel". An easy 5-minute walk going down appreciating the lush vegetation around.
Paying for a ride going back up the set-off point is highly advisable as it is really steep one will get very tired going up. There are also many motorbiked going here and there to transport visitors. The ride up was quite fun actually, a few minutes of adrenaline rush. I was particularly nervous because I imagine sliding back down if my motorbike rider lose control of the engine. Luckily not. The riders are so used to the terrain and the motorbikes they us are heavy duty and in good condition.
Tumalog Falls is so high it wouldn't fit on the frame of a 18mm lens on landscape orientation if shot from its banks. Despite the height, the drop is not heavy due to the rocks that catch and break the water before it hits the pool below. This therefore creates a water curtain which gives Tumalog a magical feel. I describe it as curtain-ish, fairytale-ish falls. The rich vegetation around it also creates patches of light around the waterfalls adding to the mysterious feel. Not to mention the sprinkle sound of the water, it really is a beautiful sight.
One thing i don't like about Tumalog is the pool. An artificial pool is created due to the concrete put in place to gather more water to its catch basin before it runs to the stream below. As a result, silt is also collected in the pool. Stepping on the catch basin to get close to the falls gives a little discomfort since you are nit sure what is under the mud. I was extra careful and wished I would not step on a broken glass or a plant thorn. Luckily not. The muddy banks also discourage people from swimming as it makes the water murky. What we did instead was to go under its water drop and got ourselves wet. It felt like playing under the rain. Sarap sa pakiramdam.

When in Oslob, I highly recommend you pay Tumalog Falls a visit. It is one of my favorite waterfalls to date. It's not just about the physical beauty of the falls but also on the magical feel it brings. Wonder-fall!



  1. Wow! That's a nice place to go along with your friends. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love to travel as well! I wish i could have more time and money. But the link you shared was really useful. i'll finally be able to save some money on my trip <3

  3. Nice blog on the Tumalog Falls. It's awesome and your photos are amazing as well.


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