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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NAT GUESTHOUSE at Khao San Road Bangkok

Khao San Road is very similar to some of the streets in Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur.It's a short strip but is awash with accommodations,pubs, restaurants,flea stores and street food.It is at the heart of the backpacker's district of Bangkok.This is where the world's travelers converge.A fitting set-off point to our Thailand trip.

We arrived at almost 10pm coming from Cambodia via Aranyaprathet. The street was full of people and was very alive with loud music and sidewalk vendors.It is very festive in here.

Khao San Road during the day

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Crossing THAILAND-CAMBODIA Border via Aranyaprathet

I find it weird that the last bus to the border of Cambodia-Thailand being Aranyaprathet leaves Siem Reap at 8am.The next trip would be either midnight or 2am.There is already a direct trip from Siem Reap to Bangkok but it's quite pricey.By bus, the regular fare is just $6/pax.You pay extra for convenience of course as it means not changing bus when you arrive at the border and line up at immigration on your own.With the direct bus, somebody will collect your passport and assist you at immigration.

For more flexibility, one can hire a taxi.The border is around 2 hours from Siem Reap and the taxi rate is from $25-$30.

We asked our tuktuk driver to find us a taxi and he did so fast.It pays to have connections.If you are uncertain,hotels do have contacts too so you can always approach the front desk for assistance.Rates are standard and posted on announcement boards at hotels.

Cambodia-side of the border ---Poipet

Friday, July 26, 2013

#Ironman70.3PH after race Party at Ibiza Beach Club MOEVENPICK HOTEL Mactan

If you are in Cebu over the weekend, you are lucky.Happening down South in the beautiful Island of Mactan is the "after race party of #IronMan70.3 Philippines. Where else better than the funky IBIZA BEACH CLUB of Moevinpick Hotel Mactan.

Here's what else you need to know.


Enjoy free flowing beer, wine and bubby for only 2,600Php nett per person. Ala Carte Tapas menu also available.

When: Sunday, August 4, 2013. 6pm onwards
Call: (032) 492 7777 ---for reservations.

after race Party at Ibiza Beach Club 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

WIDUS RESORT Clark: the Finest in Central Luzon

I do get a lot of queries about what hotel to recommend here and there.If it is accommodation in Clark that they ask though, I would always end up apologizing as I haven't tried staying in one in the area.

That until a few weeks ago when we tried WIDUS RESORT.I have been routing for this place because I wanted to find out if all the hype is indeed true. After the experience, I am certainly sure that there is finally a hotel I can confidently recommend to my friends and readers.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

*Best in Breakfast Buffet: SALT RESTO Widus Hotel Clark

Allow me to post photos of our Breakfast Buffet at Widus Hotel Clark last time.I know hotel buffets are usually same same but this one really impressed me so I am making this separate entry to showcase the 'diverse' food choices and link it to the main post later on.

And that's the reason why I said the buffet is impressive.I was surprised to see a lot of food given the fact that room prices are affordable Akala ko pyesta lang.lols.

Filipino food choices,Korean, A little Chinese,Japanese, pasta.It's a fusion of International cuisine spread in good presentations.And the food is really tasty.I would call it the 'Best Breakfast Buffet' for a De Luxe Class Hotel.
 SALT RESTO Widus Hotel Clark

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Breakfast Bliss at #CAFE1771 Ortigas

This is what I miss about living in the area of Ortigas District, they have so many good restaurants to dine in.One particular place at the corner of Dona Vargas and ADB Ave is Cafe1771 which has earned a reputation on their breakfast menu.

Finally found a reason few weeks ago to week up early on a weekend and drop by the place before heeding to Clark Pampanga. Other bloggers, Ted, Cha were there to join us.Twas their first time to meet my wife but they instantly clicked on each other.We feasted on the food and had a lot of conversation on the side.Feel-good morning if I might say so.Thanks to the fresh ambiance and the posh interior of Cafe1771.

Breakfast Bliss at #CAFE1771

Friday, July 19, 2013


So here is the short summary of our day tour of Angkor Complex.

$15 was all that's needed to rent the tuktuk.I contacted the same driver who took us to our hotel the night before and sealed the deal.There were 5 of us all in all and believe it or not, we fitted in one (1) tuktuk.lol


$15/ tuktuk --regular price
$3 --extra for early departure (Sunrise at Angkor Wat)
$2 -- tip (optional)
/5 pax 
$4 each

 $15 Day Tour of ANGKOR COMPLEX via Tuktuk

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Human Structures vs. Nature in TA PROHM Eastern Angkor

Temple Overload? I thought I have seen enough.But there was still one that we would like to visit before ending our day tour of Angkor Complex ----TA PROHM.

If it doesn't ring a bell. Ito lang naman yung temple na nasa Hollywood movie na "Tomb Raider" so people usually call it Tomb Raider Temple.Thanks to that movie starring Angelina Jolie, tourism arrival in Cambodia increased from 300 in 1999 to more than 2 Million in 2012.This is no secret of course.

Ta Prohm is not as grand as the other temples we visited and I featured here in my blog.

**the "Mother of All Temples" that is ANGKOR WAT
**the "Forest of Face Towers" that is BAYON TEMPLE

but it has a special charm which you don't wanna miss.
Tomb_Raider_Ta Prohm
TA PROHM Eastern Angkor

Saturday, July 13, 2013

INSIDE ANGKOR THOM: Climb up BAPUON for an Amazing View

I call it "element of surprise".I didn't expect another spectacular temple just around 200 meters Northeast of Bayon.One of the rewards of not researching heavily on the place if I may say so.

While the splendor of Bayon is difficult to match,Bapuon sits quietly proud in the same spot where it all started.This was the exact site that marked the center of the capital that existed (and apparently destroyed) before the construction of Angkor Thom.

The long elevated walkway leading to it and the large open space in front of the temple makes for a grand entrance that goes with an elated feeling of excitement.
Bapuon_Angkor Complex
Angkor Thom's BAPUON Temple

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the "Forest of Face Towers" that is BAYON TEMPLE

I really find Angkor Wat photogenic in every angle (especially because we were there in the early morning) not to mention that being inside it,you feel how strong the structure is. BAYON TEMPLE on the other hand has a different appeal.From afar,you would find it a bit hard to make sense of what it is except for the impression that it is a giant structure of piled rocks.As you get closer though, the more you appreciate the intricate design and mysticism of the place.

Bayon Temple is the most significant temple inside Angkor Thom which used to be the City with Angkor Complex.If Angkor Wat is where the Royalties live, it is in Angkor Thom where Royalties and ordinary people interact.Ito yung downtown kung baga. Angkor Thom actually means "Great City".

 BAYON TEMPLE inside Angkor Thom

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The "annoyingly annoying" RESTAURANT BARKERS at Angkot Wat

There are annoyances anywhere.It's up to you if you will allow it into your nerves or simply shrug it off.Most wouldn't even be blog worthy, but there is one incident in Angkor Wat that almost spoiled our day.And so I am writing it here so that you know what to do when visiting Angkor Wat for sunrise.

The first who will stop you at the causeway leading to the main entrance of the temple are tourist guards who will check if you have an ID/day pass which you pay for $20. Other rates here:

After that, you will swarm into a sea of people walking excitedly towards the interior ground of the palace.Then suddenly ----Vendors will approach.Maybe vendor is not the accurate word, but they are barkers working for the restaurants situated near one of the pools of Angkor Wat.If facing temples,these restaurants are located on the left seemingly hidden on giant trees.They are legitimate restaurants.And no scam here.Except that those who invite you to offer their food are the most annoyingly persistent of all persistent vendors.

Al fresco restaurants in Angkor Wat

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the "Mother of All Temples" that is ANGKOR WAT

I took the liberty of using the word "shockingly" as a superlative so as to describe the awesomeness that is Angkor Wat because I find it difficult to find a word that could give justice to its majesty,beauty and grandeur.I wasn't even close.

Ah.Angkor Wat! At last.To say that it was one of our most anticipated part of the trip would be an understatement.I was holding back the excitement since landing in Vietnam and being here finally is indeed a dream come true.I never felt lucky being a citizen of Southeast Asia.This region is amazing, and Angkor Wat and the whole Angkor Complex is Shockingly Amazing!

Did you know that Angkor is the Earthly representation of Mt. NERU? (The Mt.Olympus of Hindu faith). It is glorious. I felt dwarfed being in front of such a great work of genius but at the same time felt overjoyed laying witness to its grandeur and enduring magnificence.

ANGKOR WAT ---"Mother of All Temples" 

Monday, July 1, 2013

KHEMER SOUR SOUP, Cambodian Noodle w/ Curry at PAI SAN RESTAURANT Siem Reap

I was supposed tp write about the temples of Angkor as introductory article to my Siem Reap Series para Grand Entrance, kaso kailangan ko pa mag-aral ng kaunti and read the dictionary more.Mauubusan ka ng adjectives talaga coz not being descriptive about it is such an injustice.

Let's start with the smaller details then.Starting with the hotel (Golden Temple Villa) which I wrote the other day and yes, I remember eating the night after checking in (as has been a habit since day 1.

Here's what we ate for our first dinner dinner in Siem Reap.

Khmer Sour Soup
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