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Monday, April 29, 2013

NORTHERN HOPE TOURS: El Nido Island Hopping Rates

Finding a Tour Company in El Nido Palawan for your island hopping needs is very easy. There are so many of them all over town and it's as easy as queuing in a fast food "drive tru".

They are very organized with the tours.Tour A,B,C,D.A I said,just like a simplified menu in Jollibee. Rates are also standard so you don't have to worry.But if you really want a hassle-free tour, I would suggest you contact a tour operator prior to going here, especially if it is peak season and you are travelling in a group.The advantage is that the tour company can actually help you with almost everything.Van transfer from Puerto Princesa,finding an accommodation,island hopping, even side-trips to Nacpan and other areas within El Nido.

NORTHERN HOPE Travel and Tours could do just that.Ate Neriz, the manager can help you with almost anything. In a place with spotty cellphone signal and almost no internet connection, having a local contact translates to a lot of convenience.
Combination Tour A and C
NORTHERN HOPE Island Hopping Rates

Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Promise of a Greener World": The PHILIPS LED Campaign Launch and Photo Exhibit

PHILIPS Philippines has just launched its LED Campaign and Photo Exhibit with the theme "Promise of a Greener World".This is in partnership with Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Young Photographer's Club of the Philippines (YOPHO).

I was at the press conference at I am Angus Restaurant in Yakal Makati last Thursday to speak on behalf of YOPHO.Our group is indeed honored to be chosen as one of the exclusive partners.

The launch is just the start of course,On May 4, the photo exhibit will official commence in SM Mall of Asia,after which, the 16 photo finalists will be taken to different malls for exhibit.These exhibit is aimed at inspiring environmental consciousness among Filipinos.

DSC_3253 (2)
PHILIPS LED Campaign Launch

SIDEBAR at El Pueblo Ortigas Relaunched!

High ceiling dotted by chandeliers, giant mirrors,life-size paintings,mural on walls. Such is the classy appeal of the newly refurbished SIDEBAR at El Pueblo Ortigas

But that's just icing on the cake, Sidebar's known for it's signature cocktail drinks and side dishes.

I was invited here last week to try their cocktails and a few of their signature side dishes.This place is where you would go if you want an intimate drink with your sossy friends.

Sidebar Ortigas
SIDEBAR at El Pueblo Ortigas

Saturday, April 27, 2013


When you're flying from Manchester Airport, you'll find a huge range of parking options at your disposal. From cost-effective off-site car parking and multi-storey car parks within walking distance of check-in, to fuss-free services like meet and greet, there's an airport parking service to match your requirements and your budget.

Where Manchester parking is concerned, did you know that you can book through tour operators like Thomas Cook? This is a great way to save money, or you could choose to book car parking at Manchester Airport direct through the airport. As well as having the chance to book online, you can find out more about each type of parking facility and its location, along with the main need-to-knows such as cost, security and any inclusive benefits.
Arrival in Manchester Airport Manchester
Machester Airport
photo source

Thursday, April 25, 2013

late afternoon swim in NACPAN-CALITANG Twin Beach

I was already nervous the tour company we paid for the night before at the airport has forgotten of us.I kept calling the number of the lady who booked us but she didn't answer.Call time was supposed to be 8am but the van didn't arrive until 9:30.I guess they waited for a few am flights to fill the 12-seater van so it was past 9am when they fetched us at Hotel Centro.Out of the 12 passengers,only the 3 of us (me,my wife and friend Rupert) who were locals.For a moment I thought we were in another country.

I kept calculating our time of arrival in El Nido if the 6-hour travel time they are saying in blogs is correct. 3:30pm was my ETA.Amazingly,the driver navigated the route for only 5 hours.Bilis!I hurriedly contacted Ate Neriza of Northern Hope Travel Tours --0939 902 2216 --who the famous Chyng Reyes highly recommended.I asked her to contact a tricycle for us as I am not sure of the standard rate to Nacpan Beach.She offered one at 800 pesos (which she said is normally 1000php) so I readily accepted.At least I didn't have to stress myself haggling.Ayokong ma-spoil ang El Nido moments namin.

NACPAN Beach El Nido
NACPAN-CALITANG Twin Beach from the hill

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#ElNidoSummer2013: BLESSED INN

Finding accommodation in El Nido during peak season is such a pain in the neck.Just like in any other place you might say.Well El Nido is a special case.I called so many places but they don't even answer.That made me shout on twitter during the ordeal "ang elitista lang ng mga accommodation sa El Nido,tatawagan mo nat lahat dika parin sasagutin".

Sayang,I had fantasies of staying in a beachfront inn pa naman sana.Well,we ended up in an anonymous Inn which barely has two (2) reviews on Tripadvisor.I will eventually be the 3rd to review this place coz BLESSED INN as it is named is not bad as I imagined.

 BLESSED INN El Nido along Rizal Street

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HOW TO GET TO EL NIDO via Puerto Princesa @NorthernHopeTours

Here's the thing,Puerto Princesa to El Nido takes 6 hours.When I first heard about that a few years ago while in a van from downtown PP to the Underground Riiver which took only two hours but to me felt like eternity,I said,wow! Layo! It immediately reminded me of MNL-Baguio which takes roughly the same duration.And honestly,travelling to Baguio for me now is such a pain.Naiimagine ko palang yung 6 hours sa bus nabo-boring nako.But hey!This is is not just any other place, it's EL NIDO for heaven's sake.Kinaya nga namin yung 9 hours to Banaue and another 3 hours to Sagada ito pa kaya?

So there are no more excuses.And here's what I discovered.

Kasi sa Pilipinas,when we estimate time of travel,we usually go for the lower end of the estimate.Pag sinabing 2 hours,it means 2 hours na ang pinakamababa.We know that it could 99% of the time go beyond two hours.Minsan 3 or 4 hours pa.With El Nido, 6 hours is the generous estimate.If you take the van (which I highly suggest),it will take roughly 5 hours.


Monday, April 22, 2013

HOTEL CENTRO PALAWAN: Top-notch hotel w/ a pool that is the envy of others

Puerto Princesa was only our set-off point to El Nido this time.But since we delayed the gratification of being in paradise,we thought of making the most out of our overnight stay here.Our afternoon flight from NAIA-4 was delayed (as expected) so it was already 8:30pm when we landed in Puerto Princesa.Good thing the pool of HOTEL CENTRO Palawan is open until 10pm everyday.Humabol pa ng night shot which was what I have been excited to see days prior to coming here.

This is what I mean by "making the most" out of something.Either you pick the cheapest room or lubusin mo na to something classy and high end.If it is Puerto Princesa, Hotel Centro is definitely one of the most sought after accommodation in the city.

HOTEL CENTRO Puerto Princesa Palawan

Sunday, April 21, 2013

#ElNidoSummer2013 Preview

Here's a preview of what to expect on my blog this week----our #ElNidoSummer2013 trip last April 4-7.Finally took the courage to go on an instant 4-day vacation a week after Semana Santa and brave the long road to El Nido Palawan.It was all worth it! I can easily say it is one of the best places I've been to with all my local and international trips accounted.Look for it it my blog as I will be writing extensively about it this week.

ElNidoSummer2013 Preview
PS: Please adjust video quality to enjoy

Friday, April 19, 2013

Gorgeous Getaways

There are many fabulous countries to take a summer holiday in throughout the world, and luckily for us, we are within easy reach of some of the very best locations which are still reasonably priced.

Depending on how much you wish to spend and how long you want to go for will pretty much determine where you should head for. There is little point in travelling across the globe if you only want three days away. Likewise there is not much point in spending hours searching for a cheap and cheerful getaway in the Bahamas. So by jotting down a few key questions you will be able to narrow down your search to the real contenders.
 Dénia, Costa Blanca, España
Costa Blanca Spain
photo source

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#giveaway: AMAZING PINOY Run Race Kits!

Remember AMAZING PINOY Run which will happen April 27? I have good news for you blog,twitter and facebook buddies! Pusangkalye.net is giving away Race Kits!

P600 – 2K;
P650 – 5K;
P800 – 10K.

But three (3) lucky peeps will get FREE 2K,5K and 10K kits each!

NOTE: Not ALL can run so please think carefully before you join the contest.At any rate that you know somebody who can use it, be sure to talk to the person first (if he/she is interested) before entering the contest para di sayang yung Kit.Cheers!


Monday, April 15, 2013

IRIS SPA and Nail Art at the #Cocoon Boutique Hotel

Although many guests already look for it,many hotels still shy away from opening a Spa wing.The reason is because it is easy to establish but difficult to sustain.Point is,it is difficult to maintain the quality of spa services offered.Other than keeping the facility clean and functional,you need to have well trained and professional masseurs so that people will rave for it and customers will keep coming back.

The area of Timog and Tomas Morato is home to many Spa Centers.You need to stand out if you want to stay in business for long.IRIS SPA and Nail Art  is one of the new players in the area and I say it has what it takes to put up with the tough competition.It is relatively new (I heard 1 year) so the facilities are really spotless.

IRIS SPA and Nail Art

Sunday, April 14, 2013

modified buffet at "The Deck" of COCOON BOUTIQUE HOTEL

Breakfast buffet at Cocoon Boutique Hotel is a unique experience.First it is located at an open air setup at the 6th floor they refer to as "The Deck" which is next to a small swimming pool for the "fresh summer" feel.Second, they have this system they call Modified Buffet.

breakfast buffet at the COCOON BOUTIQUE HOTEL 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekend Family Buffet at EASTWOOD CAFE --- delectable, affordable!

I looooooove Eastwood!It's a complete Live-Work-Play Community.A little out of way but we occasionally,

1.Shop here,
2.Have pamper moments here,
BENEFITS SALON's keratin hair treatment
3.And even have massage in the area,

Now,there is another reason to be at Eastwood, the Weekend Buffet at EASTWOOD CAFE at Richmonde Hotel Eastwood .

EASTWOOD CAFE_Richmonde_Hotel
Weekend Family Buffet at EASTWOOD CAFE

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

COCOON BOUTIQUE HOTEL: Green Hotel w/ Genuine Service

I was a bit under the weather the other week.Perhaps all of the wonderful beach photos of friends posted over Facebook made me a bit envious.At the back of my mind,I was thinking,what am I doing here in Manila on Holy Week when everybody else is on vacation somewhere.Thinking deeply about it,staying around and not rushing out competing over rides and space with everybody else is one good choice.One can actually appreciate Metro Manila (being less crowded) during this time of the year.

And I did get to spend quiet and quality time with my wife on Holy Week, I am glad we checked in at COCOON BOUTIQUE HOTEL.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to Get to TONDOL BEACH Anda Pangasinan

I went a bit tough with my writeup on Tondol White Beach in Anda (my hometown) I admit.TONDOL BEACH Anda Pangasinan: Boracay of the North squandered.
But what can I do?That's the reality as I see it.The post has been getting a lot of attention lately and is one of the top traffic generators in my blogs.That said,many people have been emailing me how to get there.I am making this short post therefore for that purpose.

It's actually very easy to get there.

TONDOL BEACH Anda Pangasinan

Monday, April 8, 2013

"Book Now, Fly Now" via PAL and PAL Express

The melodramatic me still can't get over with Airphilexpress being re-branded PAL EXPRESS.I miss the orange airline.Is it just me? Well, maybe it doesn't matter.It is still in the same management,meaning, the same good hands of people who brought to us the fastest growing budget airline in the Philippines.That's why I am excited to share with you the press release I received last night. Looks like we are still in for a fun ride with PAL and PAL Express! wink ***

Philippine Airlines and affiliate carrier PAL Express have rolled out a new promotion that grants passengers a major benefit not offered by other airlines – the advantage of using their promo tickets soon after buying them.

This bucks the industry trend of stipulating travel dates way beyond the promo selling periods – sometimes for as long as six months later. As a result, passengers have to endure a lengthy wait despite paying for their tickets in full, depriving them from enjoying the fruits of the promo straight away.

In contrast, PAL and PAL Express’ new seat sale, dubbed “Book now, fly now,” lets passengers travel as soon as two weeks after buying their promo tickets.The promo covers all nine PAL domestic routes as well as eight of PAL Express’ most popular domestic jet routes.

ousangkalye in puerto prinsesa
Book now, fly now with PAL and PAL Express

the romantic Sauna-Jacuzzi-Massage experience at CALLOSPA Antipolo

I would like to specifically make a separate post on our Spa Experience at CalloSpa Antipolo as it is worth another entry.It was actually a Sauna-Jacuzzi-Massage combination as part of the Affordable Escape with Overnight package we had the other week week.

CalloSpa is a small scale Spa located in Colaique,Antipolo City just 30 minutes away from Ortigas.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Part 2: the NEW WING of PINTO MUSEUM Antipolo

Here's part 2 of my feature for the New Wing of Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo.The new section opened December last year and it houses more contemporary painting collection.

We thought of dropping by for a quick look but we were overwhelmed by the expanse and diverse art collection.

It was Ash Wednesday when we came so we had the place almost all for ourselves.Walang photo bomb!Which explains why you see a lot of my profile pictures on Facebook.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Part 1: the New Wing of PINTO ART MUSEUM Antipolo

Have you seen the NEW Wing of Pinto Museum?I was here May 2012 and the section was not yet open.Pinto Museum also known as Pinto Art Gallery of course is nothing but awesome.

I was in awe the first time and since we were in the area,I though about bringing my wife there who happens to be a Music,Arts,Physical Education teacher in public school so I thought this is the perfect place for her.Seeing the Galleries again still kept me in a state of euphoria.But wait till you see the New Wing.It is overwhelming!

the New Wing of PINTO ART MUSEUM Antipolo

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Affordable Escape at CALLOSPA and RESORT Antipolo

The decision to stay within the Metro during Holy Week was a good one.Instead of queuing long lines joining the flood of people rushing for their hometown or vacation destination outside the Metro,my wife and I were taking our time,lazying by the pool and having a relaxing massage at CALLOSPA and RESORT Antipolo.

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