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LOLO NONOYS : Our Favorite Restaurant in Coron

This was by far "our favorite restaurant" in Coron. We dined here for two consecutive nights which is something me and my wife rarely do when we visit a new place. We accidentally discovered it after accompanying our friend Julius in the one and only BPI branch in Coron Town. I ticked  "nearby places" on my Tripadvisor mobile app and it happens to be just a few blocks away.

The restaurant is LOLO NONOY'S.

our favorite restaurant in Coron ---LOLO NONOYS


LOLO NONOYS fall on the 200-250 pesos ($5-6) price range which is the average price of decent food in Coron town. Kookie Restaurant also falls on the same category except that Lolo Nonoys can give Kookie Restaurant a run for the money when it comes to ambiance, better food taste and amount of servings. The place is along the main road and it boasts of a native appeal. Huts give the place an airy ambiance. Food served is mostly local dishes with Sinigang Tuna Belly and Buttered Shrimp as our favorites.

Sinigang Tuna Belly
Buttered Chicken

On our first night, only four of us dined at Lolo Nonoy's coz one of our colleague opted to rest. Our total bill was 850 pesos. Divide that to four and we individually paid 212 pesos. Sinigang Tuna Belly and Buttered Shrimps were our favorites. Yung sinigang, sinigang talaga. Tama ang asim unlike yung isang na-try namin the dah before na parang nilaga.haha. We love the big servings, Sinigang Tuna Belly which costs 250 pesos is good for 5 pax. We ordered one again on our second night.
Crispy Pata
Chicken Curry

Here was the breakdown of our 2nd nights bill.

Crispy Pata --390 
Sinigang Tuna Belly --250 
Embotido --120  
(2) Chicken Curry --120 
(7) cups rice --140 
(3) San Mig Light -- 135
(2) Red Horse -- 100 
TOTAL: 1,255/5 = 251 pesos per pax

Among our orders for the 2nd night, all else except for the "embotido" made it to our recommended list. The embotido was really tasty but I find two pieces for 120 pesos a bit pricey.

Again, the most important reason why we like Lolo Nonoys is because food here is really tasty. Hindi katulad sa ibabna either bitin sa asim or sa anghang. The right intensity of flavor plus the relax ambiance and good location lands this place to our favorite restaurant in Coron.