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Saturday, July 30, 2011

THE VOICE: Hottest New US Show debuts in Asia

There are so many tv reality singing shows these days. And with the bar being set high by previous successful franchises like the idol, it's reality difficult to make a dent and leave a strong impression on the discriminating global audience. But when I saw the latest reality singing show in the US,( thanks to same viral youtube videos.:D) I immediately said, "okay, this one's interesting"

Actually interesting would be an underestimation. It's a singing competition unlike any other--because it puts vocal ability first. And good news to all those who have been waiting. It will premier in Asia this August!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

KUWAIT ends AZKALS 2014 world cup dream

Filipinos are amazing. Somewhat similar to the Brits I guess, we are in disarray during peace time but we are amazing and united during war. What happened today in Rizal Sports Complex was war. Team Philippine AZKALS ranked by FIFA as 160th team in the world played again the mighty Kuwait team ranked 90th. Our boys lost during the 1st game in Kuwait 3-0 and again today 2-1 thereby ending  the 2014 Brazil World Cup qualifying campaign. But today's game  taught us many things. And hell, I wanna make it clear early on. I am so proud of our boys for putting up a good fight today and I am more proud of them now than ever!!!!!

I was tweeting and re-tweeting all throughout the game Didn't bother if I lose a few twitter followers because of flooding them football stuff. I was in front of my computer talking to my student in South Korea while watching the live stream. I couldn't focus on our topic at all.!!  Now I know how it feels like whenever they tell me their team is having a game while they are studying with me. Thank you Azkals for making me feel this. I think same goes to most of us ayt? We have never felt this alive with football before. Being able to witness this and experience such emotions is blessing enough and we owe it to our boys for bringing the sport to our hearts!!!
we believe team azkals
we believe and we will continue to believe. we have your back guys!!!

LG PLASMA 3D TV: our new toy

I am very sad we will not be able to watch the AZKALS vs. Kuwait match live today in Rizal Sports Complex like we did last time against Sri Lanka. Night shift work doesn't allow me from going away but I heard they will be broadcasting it live on Studio 23 so we can still catch up on the action during break time. Good thing our new toy arrived yesterday,yeah, the LG Plasma 3D tv --42inches baby!!!

In case you don't know, this gadget normally priced at 45k php is on promo offer for 35k. Good value ayt? Look for it in SM Appliance store branches.I donno if they offer such in other appliance centers. We bought ours in SM Taytay. We originally wanted to purchase in Sm Megamall but the proximity of Taytay made us think it's more practical to have it there.
LG tv
our new toy!!! LG Plasma 3D tv

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I know right, I lashed at Nikon last time because I feel that they are indifferent towards their users in the Philippines. I still stand by my opinion. But what can I do? I love the Nikon system and no matter how I try to hate it, I can't. How can you hate something which gives you a lot of happiness? I wrote that post with the hope that it would make Columbia Digital Star Corp (CDSC), the distributor of Nikon products in the Philippines go a step further in caring for its customers. The video I posted yesterday made me feel that CDSC is really putting its best foot forward. Hope the after sales service aspect follows suit.

This post is a different matter though. If you could remember, I wrote a review about the 200mm lens I acquired a few months ago in response to a blogger friends request for the group buying site AWESOME.ph . CDSC liked my review and they decided to give me some stuff as a way of showing gratitude. I love it!!!

nikon keychain
Nikon Keychain

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NIKON Philippines Brand Ambassadors

Amazing, amazing. I am sure nikon users all over the Philippines are celebrating!!!Columbia Digital Star Corp(CDSC),the exclusive distributor of Nikon cameras in the country has finally came up with a team of Professional Nikon users.What took you so long?Although some Nikon users might not know all of them. It's about time we meet the Nikon Pros!!!!

Nikon Pros are Nikon Philippines top caliber photographers who use the Nikon System to brace their professions.I for one admit that I am not aware there are many big guns using the brand.This is really cool. And since it's official, we can now make claims that we have good names in our ranks. Who doesn't know Manny Librodo, Xander Angeles or Niko Villegas right? And there are 16 of them in the list.

NIKON Philippines Brand Ambassadors

Monday, July 25, 2011

CHILDREN PHOTOGRAPHY: 5 tricks on how to engage the kids

You know kids--we love them, we hate them. Depending on who's kid we are talking about and what age group you are at. When it comes to photography, it's the same story. This is because children are probably one of the most tricky subjects to do photography with. They could be compared to the tamest of tamed animals or wildest of the wild. For sure they show a wide range of emotions thereby making them very unpredictable.

It is for these reasons though that they are very interesting subjects if you are a photographer. One that I want to really get serious with in the future. I am glad that I have a couple of friends with cute kids so I contacted one of them for a shoot one weekend in UP-Diliman grounds. Not without Alex around of coarse,another friend and a very good mentor in portraiture photography where I am weakest at.
Sibling Bonding: Paul and Ponter

Friday, July 22, 2011

SMART BRO starter plug-it dongle launched

As a blogger, being connected is everything. But since I have my fixed internet line which goes with my landline, I really can';t afford to subscribe to a mobile service plan where I get charged on a monthly basis. Mabigat na masyado. But the delimma is, when I go out, and attend blogging events for example, wi-fi connection is sometimes unreliable. There were many cases in the past when I get so annoyed attending events in malls in Metro Manila known to cater to the elite and yet you can't event access to their wifi connection coz it's too weak. That leaves me with fb shoutouts expressing my disgust.Since I am planning to buy a new netbook to replace my 4-year old laptop, I am also considering the best plug in there is in town.So far, the main contender I would say would be the SMART STARTER Plug-it.

my friend's old SMARTBro Stick

U-BLOG PROFILES: Xprosaic's World

The time I decided to come out and meet fellow bloggers last year was with personal-humor bloggers. A life changing moment for me. I have stopped myself from engaging in eyeballs (eb) in the past for many reasons. After the first meeting in summer of 2010, I never stopped. To see the people behind the blogs you read face to face is such an awesome experience. It might not be pleasant all the time, but still fascinating.

Fast forward more than a year later, the blogging community in the Philippines has exploded and evolved. Currently, I am a member of so many blogger groups in facebook. Pinoy Bloggers, Pinoy Travel Bloggers, Photobloggers Philippines, Team West Pangasinan and U-Blog to name a few. That means my email gets flooded with notifications everyday and these notifications has been a way of life for me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

FIREFLY WATCHING: Iwahig River Puerto Princesa

This is the DARK HORSE among the attraction one can find in Puerto Princesa, the FIREFLY WATCHING in Iwahig river. It's another activity I missed the first time, actually another unheard of in my case. I guess many tourists also miss this spot as it is a tour package separate from the rest, i.e, Honda Bay, Underground River, City tour which are the most popular tours visitors usually avail of. I find it similar to the Mangrove Forest boat paddling experience which is an additional feature you can add to you usual itinerary.

But unlike the Mangrove Forest which is near Sabang beach and one that you can easily access, the Iwahig River is around 45minutes away from city center so some find it inconvenient to go there. More so that you have to go here at night in order to see the fireflies glow in the dark. But this is one hell of an experience you should not miss when you decide to visit Puerto Prinsesa. For me, it became one of my most memorable part of the tour. Not only that it was my first time but because it's really educational.

We were taken here after our tour of Honda bay on the 1st day of our PPS familiarization tour courtsey of Airphil Express. Everybody was already exhausted. We showered and then went on with it after having dinner together in Marriane Home Inn.Despite the physical exhaustion and the lack of sleep.The bloggers and members of Airphil express were still full of energy. We came at around 9pm and the 1st thing that greeted us were small huts near the river which serves as the information center and waiting area where we stayed for a few minutes. The tour company already called them earlier for appointment. This is necessary because there are only a few boats and volunteers.
firefly watching
bloggers before riding the boat--syempre wala na naman ako (**bitter.hahaha)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

VIET VILLE Puerto Princesa

Another thing unheard of in my case. I never thought there is a Vietnamese community in Puerto Princesa. Or maybe somebody did mention it before but I was not paying attention. And it's really fascinating to know that during the Vietnam war, many Vietnamese refugees or boat people as the were popularly referred to traveled across South China Sea to the Philippines and eventually settled in Zambales and Palawan. They sure know how to pick a good spots. The temporary refuge given to them in Puerto Princesa Palawan is known as VIET VILLE. 

Vietnamese Village of Puerto Princesa palawan (Viet Ville)

Monday, July 18, 2011

PLAZA CUARTEL: puerto princesa city tour

I have decided to go back to my Puerto Princesa Series as there are still a lot of tourists attractions there worth mentioning. One of which is a historical landmark located at the west tip of city downtown. One could not miss this place because its located just beside Immaculate Conception Cathedral which is one of the most prominent landmarks in the city. I am referring to PLAZA CUARTEL.

Or perhaps it is because it's near the magnificent cathedral that the significance of Plaza Cuartel is overshadowed. . 
bloggers in Plaza Cuartel

Sunday, July 17, 2011

INFLUENTIAL BLOGGER 2011 : 2nd batch of nominations

Here's my 2nd batch of nominations for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. I understand that one can only nominate 10 blogs so this will be my last. Too bad coz I have a lot of blogs in mind. To all those who I have not nominated, my apologies. For now, here's my final list.

emerging blog_the lostboy

1.Lloyd Lostboy --is a Wandering Wonder Kid from MNL. Professional Jetsetter and Backpacker. Blogger Wannabe. Boyfriend Material. Traveled in a number of cities looking for love. Also scoping out for the best attractions, best meals, and best lodging. Life is one long vacation! >> ok na ba yan or you want a mor serious one haha

Saturday, July 16, 2011

AZKALS Tickets: available at ticketworld

Yes, you can now buy your tickets for the July 28 Philippines-Kuwait game starting today, July 16,2011!!!! I am sure a lot of you have been dying  for it. Well here's your chance to get into the action. This is a must see event. The PHILIPPINE AZKALS needs all our support. Be there at Rizal memorial stadium on July 28 and cheer for the our National team as they battle their most tough opponent yet for the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup Qualifiers!!!!

Buy from TICKETWORLD and discovering the sport which is really life changing. I got my chance to watch live last July 3 and it really is different watching it LIVE!!!!Don't resist it anymore, get into the AZKALS Fever!!!
One Country, One Team, One United Support!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

PALAWAN TOUR PACKAGE via Airphil Express

I started travelling in 2008 in the beautiful island of Boracay and life has never been as exciting since then. Traveling is an addictive endeavor but is always rewarding. You learn a lot of things and you feel how good life is. My dilemma before was how to sustain it. I am no rich man and traveling solo is an expensive task.

While there is pleasure in one's ability to travel solo, I still believe that the most efficient way is to travel in groups as it is really fun plus it allows you more flexibility on the budget which is of coarse the main concern. So yeah, I really suggest to find people who also love travelling, either your friends or office mates or simply people you find online.There are many discussion groups like PEX where you can find souls who are weary of traveling. Once you meet that requirement, things will be a lot easier especially that PACKAGE TOURS abound these days.

One classic example is the promo of AirPhil Express. The PUERTO PRINCESA TOUR PAKAGE where for only Php 6,886 , you can sunbathe in the sand islands of Honda bay or be amazed by the Underground River. I have been to Puerto Prinsesa twice and it has been a pleasurable experience indeed.

basking in the pristine beach of Sabang Puerto prinsesa Palawan

Thursday, July 14, 2011

CINEMALAYA 2011 : Niño

Cinema in the Philippines might not be as vibrant as that of our Asian neighbors like Hongkong, South Korea, India and even Thailand but there are still pockets for celebration. I am glad Star Cinema is leading the way but it focuses on generic and safe topics for the purpose of revenue. It therefore stays away from sensitive issues and that limits the artistic potentials of our films and the people working in the sector. Good thing we have Independent Films (Indie Films) which serves as a bright spot for the industry. If not, there would me no movies like Maximo Oliveros, Masahista or Serbis right? Thus we should be thankful for the people and organizations championing the cause of Independent Film-making in the Philippines, one of which is CINEMALAYA.

The Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival is a film competition and festival that aims to encourage the creation of new cinematic works by Filipino filmmakers – works that boldly articulate and freely interpret the Filipino experience with fresh insight and artistic integrity. It also aims to invigorate the Philippine filmmaking by developing a new breed of Filipino filmmakers.
Mombic & Anthony
Mombic and Anthony

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It's like de javu all over again. When I was working in an online-english company in Ortigas a few years ago, our boss usually gives us packs of iWHITE products on top of our Christmas bonus. That's why I have grown familiar with the brand and somewhat learned to like it. I know its smell, its texture,its color and how effective it could really be on your skin.

A few weeks ago, I received a direct email from a representative from iWHITE asking me if I could attend their event. I am no fashion or beauty blogger so the invitation was a little surprising. When In asked where he got my name or how he came accross my blog, he said his boss gave him a list and I was part of it. How can one refuse if one feels honored? So it is, pusangkalye the photobloger attending a beauty products event. Good thing it's not just another beauty product, it's iWHITE Korea.


The venue was at Papa John's Pizza in Greenhills San Juan. Upon arrival, Jp of iWhite team demonstrated to me how the face mask works. Later on, I realized that I am the only torn among the roses. Yes, I was the only male blogger invited. How's that for a change?haha. Also, it was my first time to meet all the bloggers in this particular event. I suddenly felt bare with no familiar faces to talk to. Good thing all of them are very friendly so it was not difficult to build rapport.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

THAI COOKING CLASS with Thanatorn Krobsuay

I really don't understand why I get invited in food events. I am the worse person/blogger you can find on this topic. I'm a picky eater, I suck at cooking and I find it hard to remember the name of dishes.This is another good thing about blogging then.It's educational and liberating. Aside from learning new things, we unlearn some bad habits and misconception. I am pertaining to my food preferences, I thought I would never like Thai food so I never tried it, that until another blogger, Chyng Reyes, invited me to dine in a Thai restaurant somewhere in QC last year. I have learned to like Thai food since then.

That's why such was my excitement when Ms. Vannah of Marriott Manila told me of  a THAI COOKING CLASS event in Marriott Hotel last week. With no second thoughts, I immediately said yes, this is my time to learn more about that cooking.
thai_cooking class
Thai Cooking Class @ Marriott Manila

Monday, July 11, 2011

THAI KINGDOM COME at marriott cafe manila

July is THAI FOOD FESTIVAL MONTH in Marriott Cafe Manila as the famous place for dining brings back the flavors of Thailand from July 1-31,2011. We were invited last week for the cooking show conducted by no less that the master chef of Marriott Bangkok, Thanatorn Krobsuay and there we got to see how some of their famous dishes are being cooked and experience the addictive taste of Thai food.

It's THAI KINGDOM COME at Marriott Manila!!!!!
THAI KINGDOM COME at Marriott Manila

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SMART TICKETS AND TREATS :your mobile,your lifestyle,your ticket

Its summer box office season again. Though I don't usually write movie reviews in my blog coz I suck on it, I am a certified BIG SCREEN addict. I always believe that movies should be enjoyed in the big screen and not in front of an electronic box. After all, it's a social experience. SO I make it a point that I have regular movie date with my friends and my wife.

Good thing SMART has partnered with SM cinemas to give us amazing movie treats.Yes, all of us are in for  free movie goodies.All you need to do is  keep using your SMART Gold, SMART Buddy and SMART Bro accounts to earn more points. It's the SMART TICKETS AND TREATS.

Friday, July 8, 2011

BENEFITS SALON's keratin hair treatment

and BAD HAIR DAY? That's what me and my wife exactly felt last weekend. The stresses of work is not just reflecting on our skin but on our hair as well. Especially for my wife since her hair is not naturally straight so it really takes a lot more effort on her part. She would always tell me she wants to go to the mall and have hair treatments. But its expensive and we got other priorities,like,like........kids?kidding. We don't have one yet. But yeah, she would occasionally go for hair treatments should time and money warrants.

Last Saturday, since we were in Ortigas area to watch transformers, we thought of visiting BENEFITS SALON again. I made a feature about Benefits salon before as I was invited there when it was re-branded and had a new look. http://www.pusangkalye.net/2011/01/benefits-salon-eastwood-new-year.html . And since we heard that there's a "hot item" in the salon these days, we thought of checking it out. I am referring to KERATIN HAIR TREATMENT.

bad hair day?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

street food at CHEUNG CHAU Island

CHEUNG CHAU is a small island 10 km southwest of Hong Kong island. It is nicknamed as the 'dumbbell island' because of its shape. This is where we stayed during our trip in Hong Kong last February. It was Chinese New year and it was very difficult to look for cheap holiday deals and accommodations. So when our godmother offered her place, me and my wife immediately accepted her suggestion. 

True enough, it became one of the most memorable aspect of the trip. Going back to the island for the 2 nights of our stay in Hong Kong felt like going back home. It usually take 45 minutes to an hour from Central to Cheung Chau on an ordinary ferry. We often took the fast craft as it saves time, 30minutes or less, something we desperately lack during our stay.
street food at CHEUNG CHAU Island

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

EIGA SAI : the 2011 Japanese Film Festival

Last month, I blogged about the 16th French Film Festival Manila. This July is Japan's turn--EIGA SAI: the 2011 Japanese Film Festival which in case you haven't noticed has already started last Friday, July 1 at Shang Cineplex Cinema 4 and will run until July 10. This is in Celebration of the Philippines-Japan Friendship month.

As of writing, my photography club is already planning to watch SUMMER DAYS WITH COO this Sunday but I am not sure yet if I can come. It's not just confined in Metro Manila though. Gaisano Grand City mall Davao will show 1 of these flicks from july 22-24. I suggest you also look for DEPARTURES which will be shown July 22, 6:30pm.

Ayala Center Cebu on the other hand will have screenings on August 2-7. Be sure not to miss that.

Eiga Sai

Monday, July 4, 2011

PHILIPPINE AZKALS beat SRI-LANKA 4-0 : the 2014 FIFA world cup Brazil qualifiers

The afternoon downpour in Manila didn't dampen the spirits of team Azkals nor did it lower the energy of 13,000 people who filled Rizal Memorial stadium yesterday. It was round 1, second Leg of the Preliminary Competition Asian Zone  match between Philippines and Sri-Lanka for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil where team Azkals trashed Sri Lanka 4-0.

FIFA was very strict with the time. The game starded at exactly 3:30pm. Teresa and I came all the way from Rizal and were late for a few minutes. While lining up the gates of Rizal Memorial Stadium, people were already screaming inside the arena which intensified my excitement to finally get into the experience. This was my first ever live football experience!!!I am sure same is also the case with many of the Filipinos inside the stadium yesterday.
 AZKALS _kid
a young football fan proudly wears a face paint or the Philippine flag

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 nominations

A quick pause from my PALAWAN SERIES first as I want to nominate my bets for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011. Influential Blogger is a writing project aimed at identifying new and emerging blogs who are making an impact to its readers in 2011. After much thought, here are my nominees.

1. The BUM Upstairs
This is the english blog of Arvin Bautista. I thought it's just the english version of his tagalog humor blog but through time it has evolved into something distinct and interesting. In the bum upstairs, topics are diverse from travel, events and photography. His integration of good photos in every posts catches my attention as they really compliment the blog entries.

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