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Thursday, May 31, 2012

in search for THE LAST WILD PLACE

Are there any wild places left in the Philippines? or better say, is there any?

I was a university student when I started wandering around mainland Pangasinan.That's the closest thing I can get to the concept of "travel".I remember telling myself that time that Pangasinan is too crowded.I remember going to beaches and seeing garbage which disappointed me.In my mind, "the fact that there is garbage here means this place is already spoiled".

Going back to the question,I would say I DON'T KNOW anymore.I have been traveling more these past few years but I have only been to touristy areas so I am not the person to ask on this one.

But if you insist on knowing,as most of us are really curious,we could be luck. There is a new reality travel show that explores the Philippine wild using eco-friendly and responsible means of travel across some of the most stunning places in the country----- THE LAST WILD PLACE.

in search for  THE LAST WILD PLACE

The LAST WILD PLACE wants you to be part of the Cast

Now this is something worth your time!!

The Last Wild Place--- a new reality TV show that explores the Philippine wild using eco-friendly and responsible means of travel across some of the most stunning places in the country, is now launching a unique opportunity for a member of the public to join the cast for the final episode.This once in a lifetime adventure will take the winner to the northern most regions of Luzon exploring the some of the last remaining primary forests in Kalinga and Apayao. Known for rugged and sloping mountain peaks, rivers, forests and cordillera culture it is set to be one of the most stunning places featured on the show.

The Last Wild Place is calling all adventure enthusiasts with an interest in eco-tourism and preservation to enter the competition. The ideal candidate must be willing to trek long distances,climb, camp, get bitten by bugs, work hard, be uncomfortable and sign a waiver. But must also be keen to enjoy breath taking natural beauty, meet amazing indigenous people, be an advocate for preservation, see captivating wildlife and have the experience of a lifetime.

The LAST WILD PLACE wants you to be part of the Cast 
photo by Krizelle Marie Pari-An

BOY PICK UP THE MOVIE set visit in Antipolo

Whenever somebody mentions set visits, I remember Kamana Sanctuary Resort Subic where some of the final takes of movie My Neighbor's Wife were taped . That was the first time I got the chance to meet Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe, Jake Cuenca, Carla Abellana, Dimples Romana et.al. I was in cloud-9 during that time. There I go with my being a fan boy again.It can't be helped.

I loooove set visits.They allow you to be intimate with the stars and literally rub elbows with them.Unfortunately, when Regal invited me for another one, for the film BOY PICKUP THE MOVIE, I was not free.........

BOY PICK UP THE MOVIE set visit in Antipolo

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DRUM TAO: The Art of Japan Drum comes to Manila, Early bird discount of 15% !


That's the ART OF DRUM TOUR which will be coming to Manila for the 1st time!!!!July 12-22, 2012 is the date at the Newport Theater at Resorts World Manila.

  Early bird discount of 15% !
CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/LKlBFu

1st BAGUIO BLOG CONFERENCE:the rise of blogging in the Cordilleras

Blogging is on the rise in the Philippines.In key cities that is. Through the years, blogging groups have flourished in areas like Metro Manila, Cebu,Davao,SOCSARGEN,Davao and Bacolod.Never have we heard though of Baguio in the loop.

That's why a group of dedicated people under the umbrella organization  CORDILLERA BLOGGERS heed the challenge to introduce blogging to Baguio and the Cordilleras. Hence, the 1st BAGUIO BLOG CONFERENCE was set. May 19,2012 at the University of Baguio.

1st BAGUIO BLOG CONFERENCE:the rise of blogging in the Cordilleras

Do’s and Don’t’s of EVENTS BLOGGING

Here is the summary of the talk I gave during the 1st BAGUIO BLOG CONFERENCE on May 19,2012 in the City of Pines Baguio.It was such an honor to be invited as a speaker in the event which could be the start of something BIG for blogging in Baguio and the Cordilleras as a whole.

It feels good knowing you are talking to young minds thirsty of learning a new skill.These are the faces of the future bloggers of the Cordilleras.I was part of history in the making.I hope I contributed something during my talk and I hope many were inspired to start blogging.

Do’s and Don’t’s of EVENTS BLOGGING

Monday, May 28, 2012

AZALEA RESIDENCES:official hotel of the 1st Baguio Blog Conference

The other weekend was a winner.I got the opportunity to give back to the blogging community by sharing the little that I know of EVENTS BLOGGING in the 1st BAGUIO BLOG CONFERENCE organized by the Cordillera Bloggers. Not only that,we were pampered like VIP's by our host, shuttled to and from Manila and booked in one of Baguio's fresh addition to its lineup of Boutique Hotels-----AZALEA RESIDENCES.

Yes, AZALEA RESIDENCES was the official hotel residence of the 1st Baguio Blog Conference!

 AZALEA RESIDENCES :official hotel of the 1st Baguio Blog Conference
with Vince Tabor  of Cordillera Bloggers (2nd from right)

MANUEL L. QUEZON Presidential Car in Baler

After our tour of San Luis and MOTHER FALLS, we asked the tricycle driver to drop us in downtown Baler,specifically, in the Church .We strolled around before going back to our accommodation Javers Homestay which is only a few minutes away by foot.I didn't really research so much about the place so I didn't know the existence of the heritage houses and stuff (lazy travel). But since downtown baler is small and intimate, chances are, you'll stumble upon most of the travel attractions downtown.

The Presidential car of Manuel L. Quezon is one classic example..............

 MANUEL L QUEZON Presidential Car

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I was browsing through my travel photos again when I came across some pictures of Baler Church which is one of the travel attractions in Baler that I wanted to see.

Remember the movie Baler starring Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis?Yeah, I watched that with my wife and a bunch of students from a public school from Mandaluyong sponsored by the Department of Education (Deped).The movie left a lasting impression in my mind especially because of the old church setting which I thought was very successful in depicting  the colonial era.

The movie tells of the Siege of Baler in the late 1890′s.

Baler Church
Baler Catholic Church in Sabang Aurora

the social rewards of being a BLOGGER

Random personal post.

I attended iBlog8 in UP yesterday and learned a few things about blogging again. It's interesting coz no matter how many blogging summits you attend,you always learn something new.Just be sure to pay attention.Soul blogging.I love! And this is one thing I love about blogging, the social rewards. You don't just become an online entity, you meet new people and I love it when it evolves into a more concrete social relationship aka friendship:)

Met Ryno of  http://vulkanmagnum.blogspot.com/ and John Earl of http://theprinceworld.blogspot.com/ for the first time yesterday.Had a fun night at Glorietta and Greenbelt.Eating McDonalds, and Sipping coffee and tea at A Gan Tea GB2,Relax time +feel good moments lang.Mahaba-habang kwentuhan.Dapat sa sunod,mahaba-habang inuman na! :)

the social rewards of being a BLOGGER
@A Gan Tea GB2

the infinity pool at ALTA VISTA de BOARACY

I was in Greenbelt 2 with a couple of friends last night and the presence of Bernard Umali of DMCI reminded me of Boracay all over again and DMCI's property ALTA VISTA de BORACAY where we stayed last time. I heard that the boss of DMCI saw my post and liked it http://www.pusangkalye.net/2011/09/alta-vista-de-boracay-my-dream.html so he wants to give us a free overnight stay daw.Why not!Swerte!hahaha

So I have to hunt for a promo fare na and go back to Boracay the 4th time!I miss Puka Beach!!!!

the infinity pool at ALTA VISTA de BOARACY

Friday, May 25, 2012

Big Brother gives his Teen Housemates a COSPLAY CHALLENGE

Photography,Blogging and Cosplay. Thoee are the three bright spots in the hobby arena.I actually think they are inter-related.Well, if you are into photography, you might get hooked to covering cosplays as I did during my initial days in learning photography.And that portfolio will become more known if you publish it in your blog---content.Works three way ayt?

And that trend is reflected on the latest installment of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition.A cosplayer named Myrtle is one of the teen housemates and she has been very expressive of her hobby.Now, we have a glimpse of what motivates a cosplayer do do what he/she do.In the case of Myrtle,it is therapy from the stresses of life.Whatever the reason is why many teenagers and not-so-teenagers do cosplay is personal--like blogging.AllI have to all these cosplayers I see when I pass by the mall is admiration for their passion for what they.Oi, it's an expensive hobby ha.hehe

As a treat, PBBteens4 is having a cosplay bash inside the house.......

Big Brother gives his  Teen Housemates a COSPLAY CHALLENGE

Coco Martin BORN TO LOVE YOU movie with Angeline Quinto

Did COCO MARTIN  say I was Born To Love You to Angeline Quinto?I wish he did as I heard Coco is the real life crush of Angeline.She made that public when she was just starting.So this seems to be a dream come tru for Angeline, to be paired with one of the hottest commodity in Philippine showbiz----COCO MARTIN.

BORN TO LOVE YOU is a romantic comedy movie of Star Cinema. The film focuses on a poor young woman (Angeline Quinto) who likes to join amateur singing contests with her two younger siblings, who later falls in love with a photographer (Coco Martin).

Born_to_love_you_COCO Martin 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get a good deal on a TOWER BRIDGE HOTEL

In order to get a good deal on a Tower Bridge hotel one must book in advance. This is by far the most crucial factor when trying to get a good deal in this very expensive part of this very expensive city. Good deals on Tower Bridge hotels are actually out there, usually at some of the larger chain hotels, such as Travelodge, but one must have an eye for a bargain, take one’s time, and again – book in advance!

Because of its central location, Tower Bridge has lots of hotels, which range in price from reasonable to extortionate. To get a good deal on a Tower Bridge hotel the internet is one’s best bet – as it is with most things these days. Keep an eye open for special offers and discounts and never be afraid to actually call the hotel in person.

 Get a good deal on a TOWER BRIDGE HOTEL
photo credit

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DPP VI---- the Anniversary Party + NIKON Philippines

FINALLY! Nikon Philippines made the right call! It will be one of the Sponsors in this years DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHER PHILIPPINE (DPP) Anniversary Party dubbed DPP VI which will be held this Saturday, May 26 at Bonifacio High Street. Same date with iBlog8 :)

The DPP Anniversary Party has always been sponsored by the competitor brannd Canon since last year.So what changed? Maybe because many of the speakers (who have been speakers of DPP Anniversaries in the past) are officially NIKON BRAND AMBASSADORS? check my previous post http://www.pusangkalye.net/2011/07/nikon-pro-philippines-launched-i-shoot.html

WHAT TO EXPECT? More insightful LECTURES and a bunch of new and interesting LIVE SHOOTS and Activities. This is the event PHOTOGRAPHERS in the Philippines (Pro or non-pro) should not miss.I've been attending DPP Anniversaries for the past two years and it has been a fun and learning experience.


DPP VI---- the Anniversary Party + NIKON Philippines

3rd TAM-AWAN International Arts Festival (TIAF) starts today

The 3rd Tam-Awan International Arts Festival (TIAF) starts today, May 23,2012 and will run until the 27th.We This is possible because of CHANUM Foundation Inc. which aims to to preserve Cordillera’s gift of heritage and history.

Tam-awan Village in Pinsao Proper, Baguio City uniquely blends indigenous aesthetics and exquisite Cordilleran craftsmanship with an artist’s concept for a village adapting to Baguio setting.

Activities includes tour in Tam-awan Village, briefing about TIAF, basic sketching and drawing for the media . The theme for this year's festival which is expected to be the year's biggest Art Festival is “Brewing with the Arts.”
3rd TAM-AWAN International Arts Festival (TIAF) starts today

JESSICA SANCHEZ is the 2012 American Idol

Yes, I already claimed it!I am not saying this because I am Filipino.Watched the performance and I am convinced that JESSICA SANCHEZ nailed it. Having Jessica and Phillip Phillips in the finals is like seeing two completely opposite singers battle it out for the title.Whilst Phillip is no doubt a sensational singer,Jessica Sanchez is the better belter fit for a singing contest like AI. I have no doubt in my mind that Phillip will sell millions of albums but this one is definitely for Jessica Sanchez.

Rounds 1 and 2 were definitely Jessica's.Round 3 was a difficult call.I was just disappointed that they were given different songs.I thought it's supposed to be the same?

 JESSICA SANCHEZ is the 2012 American Idol

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the SALT FIELDS (asinan) in Tondol Anda Pangasinan

The name Pangasinan means "land of salt" or "place of salt-making"; it is derived from the words Pang, meaning for and asin, meaning "salt”, or For Salt in the Pangasinan languageand other related languages. The province is a major producer of salt in the Philippines.source:

ANDA which is a 3rd Class Municipality in Western Pangasinan is no exemption. As a matter of fact, it produces a lot of salt that many bagoong makers in the central part of the province import salt from Anda.The salt fields in the island Municipality of located in Sablig,Macaleeng and Tondol.

Salt Making in the Salt Fields of Tondol Anda Pangasian

Monday, May 21, 2012

PACKAGE HOLIDAYS to the US beckon as summer hits

The UK is slowly emerging from a long and rainy winter and the joys of summer are beckoning to many who are tired of bad news of recession and joblessness. And of course uppermost among the joys of summer are holidays abroad.

Many will be trying to save money in these hard times, and will be concluding that the best way of doing so is to book package holidays rather than try to arrange flights, accommodation, transportation and so forth. Among the most popular travel destinations for Brits are Spain, Portugal and Greece. But for those who want to venture further afield, the number one destination is the USA.

new york avenue

Saturday, May 19, 2012

TONDOL BEACH Anda Pangasinan: Boracay of the North squandered

I know every corner of Tondol Beach as I am a native of Anda Pangasinan myself.I've been here countless times even if it's located Northeast of the island of Anda whilst I live in the South.I remember when we were in high school, my classmates and I would occasionally skip classes just to have a swim in the beach. I could say that this was the first beach to register in my vocabulary.I liked Tondol.Back then it was bare of establishments along the beach and one can enjoy it's beauty.It's such a shame though that I wasn't able to blog and document it through the years and how it has evolved into what it is today.

Not that so much has changed, but the little changes that took place didn't please me during my last visit......

 TONDOL:  Boracay of the North Squandered

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A-GANTEA TEA CAFE Greenbelt is your Lifestyle Cafe

The launch of its first ever store in the Philippines------- A GAN TEA Greenbelt, is the signal of a new tea culture in the country.we Filipinos usually favor coffee and therefore think of tea drinking as secondary. But tea is definitely a healthier option.Thanks to stores like A GAN TEA for bringing the choice to Filipinos.

A GAN TEA originates from Taiwan which is well known for its tea produce. “A” means a happy disposition and “Gan” means sweet. A Gan Tea is devoted in developing all kinds of specialty blended tea beverages to suit the taste of students, office workers and families.I tried it myself last Saturday and I could definitely tell how good their tea is. They claim it to be sweet but not too sweet so as to leave you thirsty and wanna drink lots of water afterwards.True.

A-GANTEA TEA CAFE Greenbelt is your Lifestyle Cafe

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK Holiday 2012 Schedule + OXYGEN Clothing Media Pass

Just when I thought I will go zero on the Holiday 2012 installment of the Philippine Fashion Week, my first media pass invite arrived in my email today.To my delight :)

PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK Holiday 2012 Schedule + OXYGEN Clothing Media Pass

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

POSH NAILS Marikina now moved to Gil Fernando Ave

Yes, POSH NAILS Marikina now moved to a new location in Gil Fernando Ave near Sta.Lucia East Grand Mall and were there during the soft opening on May 5,2012.My wife has never tried Posh Nails so it was a perfect time to introduce the brand to her.In my feature post before, I talked about POSH NAILS MARIKINA: real men also like it clean. Now, I brought my wife for her to enjoy an afternoon of nail pampering :)

here's the post I was referring to:

POSH NAILS Marikina now moved to Gil Fernando Ave

Monday, May 14, 2012

finally inside PINTO ART MUSEUM Antipolo

I attempted to go to PINTO ART MUSEUM a few months ago but I failed.It was due to my ignorance on museum schedules that's why. I didn't realize Mondays are off days for museums.hahaha. I heard so many things about this place---good ones of course, and during my last visit, I was awed at how lovely the place is even from the outside.

It pays to be persistent though. Since my wife was away and my friend Clint was on vacation, I convinced him to drop by the place before hearing mass in Antipolo church a few weeks ago.I was awed at how good the place is.Pinto museum now ranks #1 in my favorite museum thus far.

 returning to PINTO ART MUSEUM Antipolo

Sunday, May 13, 2012

3 Years in a sleepy village of SAINT MONIQUE VALAIS

I can't believe how time flies.This month Marks our 3rd year of staying in this small sleepy village they call SAINT MONIQUE VALAIS and many changes have happened since then.

Who was it who said that "time changes everything.................. including our concept of this amalgam of life they call happiness" ? I think it F.Sionil Joe.And it's true.Three years and I felt like being here forever.Not that I feel tired of the place.But a lot in us (including my wife) has changed.Physically, emotionally.We always feel blessed being here.And although we occasionally complain of the travel time from Manila,it still feels good going home to this little peaceful place where we can retire after a long days work or a tiring out of town trip.It feels good being home.This is home for us.

Let's celebrate life.This village has been to a lot of struggles as well but it is surviving.

 3 Years in a small sleepy village called SAINT MONIQUE VALAIS

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The MOMMY RETURNS is the perfect Mother's Day Movie Treat

I am posting this before leaving for SM Taytay today.I will be accompanying my wife who decided to bring her mother to the mall for a pampering treat.And they are also to watch a movie.Perfect because The MOMMY RETURNS is showing in cinemas and I heard that it is really having a successful run in the box office.

Here are the photos taken during the Grand Red carpet Premier of the movie last Wednesday at SM Megamall.

The MOMMY RETURNS doing well in box office

Friday, May 11, 2012

TAMARIND RESORT Binangonan to the rescue

Feels like weekend again,or maybe it's just me. I've been on energy saving mode since last week and I don't feel like doing anything special except staying around lazying.The best that I could do since summer heat is unbearable is to go swimming.We have two swimming pools in our village so that means I don't have to go far to get that refreshing plunge.I've been to the pool twice this week but last Sunday was kinda different.I was visited by former colleagues from Jose Rizal University and we originally planned to go swimming in one of our clubhouse pools.Unfortunately.................

 2 clubhouse pools closed for repairs, 2 former collegues from Jose Rizal University (JRU) in the house, Sunday, Summer =panic

  2 clubhouse pools closed for repairs

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


One of my goals last year was to be able to see my work in a major publication or get one of my travel experiences published.I fell short of that goal as I was too lazy to push for it. I was not passionate.But I did see one small achievement.I had one of my photos printed in August 2011 issue of SMILE MAGAZINE,the inflight publication of Cebu Pacific.

The one chosen was that I took in Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos Ilocos Norte.....


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I heard about this place from a travel blogger buddy---lamyerda.We were in Matabungkay Batangas last time when she called my attention about this.I was immediately awed when I saw their website.I thought we will be in the same side of Batangas so I planned of dropping by.Turns out that Cintai is in Lipa area and Matabungkay is completely out of way.On April 21, me and my wife finally got to check the place.I wanted to make it part of the must-see-things for summer.

The thing that excited my imagination is its BALI INSPIRED theme.I am referring to CINTAI CORITO's GARDEN Batangas......

CORITO'S GARDEN_cintai ,Batangas 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ditumabo Falls aka MOTHER FALLS in San Luis Aurora

People have this misconception that Aurora is only about surfing.You'll be surprised to know,like I did, that it's more than just surfing.There is another attraction --that on top of all the historic sites i.e. museum,Baler Church and the ancestral houses of Aurora Quezon---- that you should not miss. Ditumabo Falls popularly known as MOTHER FALLS in San Luis Aurora.

I knew about this waterfalls even before we came as I have read it in many blogs in the past.But seeing it myself made me realize that Mother Falls is  indeed a gem.

 Ditumabo Falls aka MOTHER FALLS in San Luis Aurora

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

human waste in PUERTO GALERA go straight to the beach

I heard about the contamination of Boracay a few months ago which lead to issues raised concerning the presence of E coli in the island and I was alarmed.This time, another famous tourist destination in the Philippines is on the radar due to "sanitation issues." ---PUERTO GALERA.

I was in Pangasinan over the weened and one email caught my attention.Somebody came across my blog after searching for an alternative place to go for their summer vacation.She said she saw the FAILON NGAYON report on Puerto Galera so her family decided to cancel their booking in a resort in White Beach and are looking for an alternative instead---in this case, San Juan Batangas.

For sure, people are alarmed.In the tv program, Ted Failon reported of a small lake only a few meters away from White Beach.It's full of human waste.The concern is that, when it's high tide, all the waste could go straight to the sea. This causes concern to many-------except for the local government which is not doing anything about it.

puerto galera on holy week
human wastes in PUERTO GALERA go straight to the beach

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GLOBE TattAWARDS 2012: have you made your nominations?

Have you made your nominations to the GLOBE TattAWARDS 2012?

The Philippines will not be called "the social networking capital of the world" for nothing. Whether on blogs, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube; the Pinoys' creativity, wit, and command for the medium are truly amazing. We are one of the few countries who can effortlessly trend a topic on twitter at will.Filipinos on social media are very active and passionate.I am a globe user myself and that makes it easier for me to stay connected so I am not excluding myself.

That is why Tattoo --the #1 broadband in the Philippines-- created the Tatt Awards – a ground breaking avenue that recognizes individuals who share Tattoo's fiery passion for greatness, founded on individuality and a sincere interest to lead by sharing with others. 

GLOBE TattAWARDS 2012 officially launched

it's more fun in the Philippines with GLOBE

Now making #itsmorefuninthephilippines memes and videos is more fun with DOT and GLOBE!Looks like there's no stopping the viral tourism campaign. I saw the ads being played on CNN yesterday with the start of its segment, #eyeonthePhilippines.I thought I didn't like it at first but turns out that it could be addictive.I guess consistency is the name of the game.And it's never too late to join the fun.I am sure many of you created your own #itsmorefuninthephilippines meme at some point.I did. And now here's the more fun part. Globe has partnered with DOT for the it's more fun in the Philippines with GLOBE contest!

Get a chance to win a Nokia Lumia 610 WEEKLY simply by submitting your #itsmorefuninthephilippines meme and video to fb.me/globeph.

group shots
it's more fun in the Philippines with GLOBE

LAHING ANDA almost nailed the Showtime Inter-town Grand Finals title

ANDA is a small sleepy town in Western Pangasinan.It is a 4th class municipality which was isolated for a long time from the rest of Mainland Pangasinan.Andanians are proud of themselves but we have to admit its sometimes hard to find reasons to celebrate here. The overflowing joy people felt (myself included) is therefore understandable when LAHING ANDA made it to the inter-town Finals of the noontime variety show SHOWTIME on Abs-Cbn.

And we almost made it as the GRAND CHAMPION!

LAHING ANDA almost nailed the Showtime Inter-town Grand Finals title
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