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Friday, September 28, 2012

WIN (2) #Lagu Beach Blankets worth 1,998php

With three days before the conclusion of our #Crumpler Giveaway Contest, here we go with another one!Still my way of saying "thank you" for all the love and support to my blog which has turned 4 this year.And as promised,LAGU has agreed to sponsor our next giveaway.

Yes!get a chance to WIN (2) #Lagu Beach Blankets worth 1998php!

Lagu is the first beach-friendly beach blanket. Unlike ordinary towels, Lagu repels sand allowing you to lay with ease while also conserving the beach. It's unique linen blend is allergen-free and has quick-dry properties, keeping it fresh for repeated use.

Friendly to both you and the beach, Lagu is the only beach blanket you'll need for your life on the sands.
Peak season in the Philippines is about to start and many people will again flood the beaches of Boracay and other spots.Lagu beach blankets are your perfect beach essentials!

 #Lagu Beach Blankets

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Walking Tour con Trishaw Ride of GEORGETOWN Core Zone

“Walking is a virtue, tourism is a deadly sin.”
Bruce Chatwin, What Am I Doing Here? 

...........and who was it who said that the best way of getting to know a city is by walking? In Georgetown Penang,it sure is a good idea to go on a walking tour.The Historic city's Core Zone is only 109.38 hectares and it's packed with attractions. Founded 200 years ago and awarded the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE status in 2008, the city has an impressive collection of historic building showcasing the heritage of Penang's various  ethnic groups: Chinese,Indians,Arabs,malays,Siamese,Burmese and Europens.

This place is diverse.Feast your eyes with heritage houses,museums,government buildings from one block after another.We woke up late the next day (despite knowing we have less than 24 hours in Penang,it's just too difficult to wake up early when you are very tired going around the night before.) So we dropped the idea of going up Penang Hill and walked around Georgetown instead.

Here are some of our interesting finds........
 Walking Tour of GEORGETOWN Core Zone

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the Legend of SRI RAMBAI CANNON at Fort Cornwallis Penang

This is what every major port that has been under a colonial power have something in common---- A military fortress.If Melaka has Fort Santiago and Manila has Intramuros,PENANG has Fort Cornwallis.To be accurate though, Fort Cornwallis served more as an administrative fortress rather than one for defense.

"A fort of 'Nipa Palm' was built by Captain Francis Light in 1786 and named it after the then Governor-General of India.It was rebuild in 1810 with a moat,this star shaped fort was used for administration rather than defense."

  the Legend of SRI RAMBAI CANNON

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The McCormick Chicken Curry Project

My wife is into this habit of going to her co-workers house in the village.Whenever we have no out-of-town trips,she usually spends time with them doing endless chatting.They sing videoke,do movie marathons and stuff.It's a girl thing.And when girls gather,food abound.They loooove cooking together.

They would usually skip our house though especially when they know I am around.I am such a 'kill joy' kasi.Can't blame them,girl talk will always be better without any boys around.

Last weekend though,I managed to lure some of them in the house.At least for a few hours.I have been trying to show my readers how to cook showcasing certain McCormick products.My adobo was a sellout last time,at least with my #1,my wife.hahaha.I thought of doing a followup with Oregano Powder but my cooking skills would prove insufficient to even think of what to cook with it.I noticed I also have McCormick Curry Power in the shelf and chicken curry being the most popular dish came into mind.The thing is,I also don't know how to cook Chicken Curry.Good thing she mentioned it to her girl friends and bam,ate Rochelle,volunteered to demonstrate for us.

 The McCormick Chicken Curry Project

Monday, September 24, 2012

PANGARAP FOUNDATION and Marriott Manila's Spirit to Serve

It was a bus ride like no other.We were on board the one which was full of staff from the housekeeping department of one of manila's most affluent Hotels.It was around noontime of Saturday,September 15,2012 and we were headed to PANGARAP FOUNDATION along Taft Avenue.

PANGARAP FOUDATION is a shelter for boys ranging in age from 8 to 17 who are in need of special protection with the objective of ensuring that these children do not return to the streets and are given support, recovery, development, reintegration to society.

Marriott Manila on the other hand was here as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility aka corporate conscience.This is Marriott Manila's Spirit to Serve.
PANGARAP FOUNDATION and Marriott Manila's Spirit to Serve

Sunday, September 23, 2012

GLOBE LEGACY NETWORK better than Smart's upgraded network

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has recently released a study of what it calls NTC Cellular Mobile Telephone System (CMTS) standard which caused quite a stir between the two main mobile phone operators in the country.

The interpretation of the data which ensued was confusing to ordinary consumers.Smart was quick to claim that their system is more superior as reflected by the results. GLOBE TELECOM says otherwise.....

GLOBE LEGACY NETWORK better than Smart

Friday, September 21, 2012

TOURISM Malaysia visit + GLOBE Event +OxygenClothingShang & Ryan Boyce of PBBteens

I don't usually go out on weekdays anymore,especially after the "habagat" flooding which swelled the banks of Laguna de Bay,the normal 1hour commute from Binangonan to Ortigas has become 2hours.Hellish commute.That means I have to turn down many events,and maybe the reason why I tweeted "soooo tired of chasing stars these days", it simply is inconvenient.But not yesterday,as if something in Manila was "calling me".

 Ryan Boyce of Pbbteens4 and brother Francis Boyce
Ryan Boyce of Pbbteens4 and brother Francis Boyce at MRT-Shaw

For couple of reasons actually.One,had to meet Bianca at the Malaysian Embassy Tourism office in BGC. (Ang ganda ng office ng Tourism Malaysia ha!) Will be flying to Cebu next weekend and Bianca just handed me a voucher on a very nice Resort in Cebu which I will talk about next time.Thanks Bianca!Owe you one.
with the beautiful Bianca Tamayo of Tourism Malaysia

Thursday, September 20, 2012

SEOUL GARDEN Gurney Plaza Penang with Doc Gelo

This is one entry I dread of writing----because it is about  food and more especially so because it involves one of the bloggers who I consider an authority when it comes to food blogging,Doc Angelo of http://docgelo.com/.

I have known Doc Gelo for a long time through blogging and have been stalking his blog occasionally leaving little comments but it has remained that way for years.I have always wanted to meet him personally but never had the courage to do so until I learned that he already transferred to Penang Malaysia along with his family.
 SEOUL GARDEN Gurney Plaza Penang with Doc Gelo

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kapitan Keling Mosque GEORGETOWN PENANG

Walk around Georgetown Penang and it will only take minutes to realize how diverse the place is.It's a mix of different races,cultures,smell,taste and even colors.And when I say colors,I mean it in a literal way.Here,shops,houses,mosques are awash with pain of different hues.Catchy and warm but I reckon it could be tiring at times.When we came across Kapitan Keling Mosque therefore,I never realized that the color brown could be a standout.

I am at least referring to the domes painted in chocolate brown.

Kapitan Keling Mosque
 Kapitan Keling Mosque Penang

Monday, September 17, 2012

One of the 10 Greatest mansions in the World: CHEONG FATT TZE “Blue” MANSION

After eating at the Red Garden Penang,my wife and I went for a stroll.Walking from the ferry terminal to our accommodation in Love Lane made me realize how packed Georgetown is in terms of heritage buildings.A few meters away from Red Garden along Leith Street is one of the 10 Greatest mansions in the World---- CHEONG FATT TZE MANSION otherwise known as the Blue Mansion.
 Cheong Fatt Tze “Blue” Mansion_Penang

Sunday, September 16, 2012

ICE KACANG and CENDOL at Red Garden Food Paradise Penang

"To visit Penang and not sample her gastronomic wonders is simply scandalous" --states one of the guidebooks I acquired through Tourism Malaysia.Penang is considered as one of Asia's Food Paradise.And we tried hard to sample as many food as we could in our less than 24-hour stay.
ICE KACANG and CENDOL are one of the things we tried at Red Garden Food Paradise and Night Market along Leith Street.

 ICE KACANGat Red Garden Food Paradise Penang

CHAR KOAY TEOW at Red Garden Food Paradise Penang

"To visit Penang and not sample her gastronomic wonders is simply scandalous" --states one of the guidebooks I acquired through Tourism Malaysia.Penang is considered as one of Asia's Food Paradise.And we tried hard to sample as many food as we could in our less than 24-hour stay.

CHAR KOAY TEOW was one of the things we tried at Red Garden Food Paradise and Night Market along Leith Street.
Char Koay Teow  at Penang's RED GARDEN

HOKIEN MEE at Red Garden Food Paradise Penang

"To visit Penang and not sample her gastronomic wonders is simply scandalous" --states one of the guidebooks I acquired through Tourism Malaysia.Penang is considered as one of Asia's Food Paradise.And we tried hard to sample as many food as we could in our less than 24-hour stay.

HOKIEN MEE was one of the things we tried at Red Garden Food Paradise and Night Market along Leith Street.
HOKIEN MEE at Red Garden Food Paradise Penang

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall in Love w/ OLD PENANG GUESTHOUSE Along Love Lane

 ---"the local Chinese say the richmen who lived on Muntri Street kept their mistresses here,hence,the name Sai Cheng Hang or Love Lane" 

That's the story behind Love Lane (Lorong Cinta) where our choice of accommodation in Penang is located ---OLD PENANG GUESTHOUSE.

OLD PENANG GUESTHOUSE  at 53,LOVE LANE 10200 Georgetown,Penang

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

bus to Butterworth from Kuala Lumpur +ferry to GEORGETOWN Penang Island

Nuff said about Kuala Lumpur,it's time to try another city.Destination,Penang!!!Let us make things clear first,Penang refers to the State in Malaysia North of the capital Kuala Lumpur and is also the name of its constituent island otherwise known as Pulau Penang.If you are reading this entry coz you want to know how to get to Penang,chances are,you want to go to Georgetown,the capital city and a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.


1.Take the train to PLAZA RAKYAT,next to it is Puduraya Bus Station 
where buses bound to Penang are.
2.You can either take the bus straight to Penang Island or as we did,
3. to Butterworth, then take the ferry to Georgetown Penang Island.

from Kuala Lumpur to Penang by bus

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PETRONAS TOWERS at night +KLCC +Bintang Walk +Jalan Alor

We were to meet our friends Mark Ryan and Sharits somewhere in Bukit Bintang over dinner by 8pm so we hurridly took the train to Marjid Jamek but instead of transferring to another line,I was tempted to show Merdeka Square to my wife.She really likes the place and she kept reminding me that I should have taken her there instead of Shah Alam's Blue Mosque.It was already noticeably dark when we were in the square and my dslr was battery drained but she managed to take a lot of profile photos via her iphone.I am not a fan of the iphone's photo ability but instagram did an amazing job enhancing the pics.

finally, a picture of me in Bintang Walk

Monday, September 10, 2012

JALAN PETALING:Fat One BBQ Steamboat and Apam Balik

Petaling Street,also called Chee Cheong Kai in Cantonese,is located in Chinatown.This area has an excellent selection of restaurants and food stalls,serving Chinese cuisine and local favourites.It is a great place to enjoy local culture or grab a bite from the street vendors.Haggling is a common sight here and the place is usually crowded with locals as well as tourists.The Petaling Street Bazaar starts from 10am to late at night.

Jalan means street and Jalan Petaling is only a few blocks away from Central Market.It's a more chaotic version of KASTURI WALK..My intention was to try street food here especially rice cakes.I already marked my guide book on what to try,unfortunately,rice cakes here are a scarcity---- or maybe I didn't know where to look.omg,should have gone to the wet market for more food finds.
Food on Stick at JALAN PETALING  Chinatown

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pie Tee, Sago Gula Melaka and Bubur Pulut Hitam at PRECIOUS OLD CHINA Central Market

For those of us who are unfortunately not born in rich families,the desire to travel could more often than not mean sacrifice.It's either you skip meal or resist buying new shoes or clothes. My wife and I usually cut on meal expenses when traveling.It's a sad thing but we sometimes end up eating fast food when abroad.I remember eating in Jollibee in Hongkong two years ago so as to save money. I know many people do that,but to eat something that you can eat when in your country is a pity.

But it doesn't have to be like that.for sure,there are many food one can try without ripping the wallet,that is,if you are not a picky eater like me. Recently,I had a realization that food is an integral part of every travel experience.And so the first thing that I had to change is being picky.There are so many cheap finds out there if you would only look for it. And so in Malaysia,I tried hard to integrate the food experience into the sightseeing process.

In Central Market for example,I was very eager to try the local cuisines available.Yung mga swak sa budget syempre. Haba ng introduction!lol
Sago Gula Melaka  at PRECIOUS OLD CHINA Central Market

Thursday, September 6, 2012

lunch,souvenir and money changer at CENTRAL MARKET Pasar Seni Kuala Lumpur

I was so close but I didn't know.I didn't realize that the national Mosque is walking distance away from the Central Market of Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown.It was one of the places I missed last time.

This was our destination after visiting the Blue Mosque at Shah Alam.From the Blue Mosque,we took the taxi back to KTM Commuter train's Shah Alam Station for another RM10 and then the train back to Central Terminal (10 stations away) for only RM2.10 (see the big gap in price?)
 CENTRAL MARKET Kuala Lumpur Chinatown 
 CENTRAL MARKET Pasar Seni Kuala Lumpur

I regret visiting the BLUE MOSQUE at Shah Alam

Weeks after going back to Manila,I am still trying to evaluate if my decision to visit the BLUE MOSQUE in Shah Alam was a mistake.

The reasons,the KTM Commuter line which took us to Batu Caves is the same line to Shah Alam.I was tempted to take it with the thought that it would be more convenient.More convenient indeed but I never anticipated that the train is soooooo slow.The slowest among all trains in KL I was told by my friend Mark afterwards.20 stations took us around 1.5hours to Shah Alam.Once there,we took the taxi for RM 10 (taxi drivers wouldn't agree to use the meter,to my disappointment coz it should be metered.)
the BLUE MOSQUE_Malaysia 
the BLUE MOSQUE at Shah Alam

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the return to BATU CAVES

Parang BATMAN RETURNS lang ang peg.lols

I agreed to go back to Malaysia on the condition that we visit places I haven't been the first time I was there two months ago.My wife agreed.

Except that she has one request.To see Batu Caves.

It was easy to grant that wish since our Hotel,Seri Pacific is near the KTM Commuter Line which runs directly to the side gate of Batu Caves.It's only 5 stations away from Putra Station where we boarded for only RM2.Very convenient and cheap.This is again what we mean when we say that tourism means accessibility.
 the return to BATU CAVES

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

breakfast buffet at ZENDE RESTAURANT Seri Pacific Hotel

I always look forward to buffet breakfasts in hotels not only because its free but because it sets the tempo to your day.Despite checking in at 2am and having a few hours of sleep,we tried to get up 7:30am,better get motivated,many places are waiting to be seen.We made sure we stuffed ourselves with a lot of carbs to sustain a whole day of intensive walking in and around Kuala Lumpur.Zende Restaurant was the place for a full breakfast.

breakfast buffet at ZENDE RESTAURANT Seri Pacific Hotel

Monday, September 3, 2012

BUS/Shuttle schedule from LCCT-KLIA to Kuala Lumpur vice versa

I was initially worried flying out of Manila to KL late at night.The 3.5hours flight would mean we'll be landing in LCCT at around 11:30pm.Given all the immigration check and stuff,we'd be clear at around 12:30 or 1am.The concern was,the transportation from LCCT to downtown KL at 1am.

Sure,twas my 2nd time in KL but the first time was kinda different.Tourism Malaysia shuttled us from the airport to our hotel and back.We were pampered.So i was not sure how to travel from the airport to KL past midnight.The concern was aggravated when  a former work colleague told me about her experience.She said she had to take the taxi and paid +/- 2,500php for the ride.I definitely don't want to pay that much for the taxi so I thought of the following options.

1. Clear immigration within 30minutes and catch the last KLIA Express train trip at 12:30am.
2.Stay at LCCT til 5:30am until the first trip for buses.
3.Share a taxi ride with a couple (strangers)
Star Shuttle from LCCT-KLIA to Kuala Lumpur vv.

My Malaysia2.0 Series Starts at SERI PACIFIC HOTEL Kuala Lumpur

I never thought of returning to Malaysia exactly two months after touring Kuala Lumpur via #Airphilexpress and Tourism Malaysia.That until I was triggered.And the culprit,the 3D/2N accommodation at Seri Pacific Hotel I won by joining the Facebook contest of Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.I was lucky.In as easy as uploading my I LOVE KL photo in their fan page,I got this awesome price which I heard is worth RM500 per night.

I was not as excited as the first time of course (or so I don't wanna admit),but I spoke highly of KL on my return to Manila and the weeks after that my wife was curious and wanted to see the place herself.The only taste of Malaysia she has was in 2008 when we crossed the border from Singapore to Johor to dine in a seaside restaurant there.Will detail about the places we went to on my next posts as I would like to focus on Seri Pacific Hotel first.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

REGULAR and SPECIAL Non-Working HOLIDAYS for 2013 ---Philippines

A quick pause for the Malaysia2.0 Series for an important announcement.The REGULAR and SPECIAL Non-Working HOLIDAYS for 2013.Been circulating on Facebook from the Fan Page of P-Noy under Proclamation 45. Initially came out at the official website of the palace on Sept.1 http://president.gov.ph/news/aquino-issues-proclamation-459-declaring-regular-special-holidays-for-2013/.

Time to PLAN those getaways!!!!

REGULAR and SPECIAL Non-Working HOLIDAYS for 2013

WRANGLER ROADSHOW 2012 launching Fall/Winter collection

My correspondent Krizelle was in the middle of the action again last August 29 for the WRANGLER F/W Collection Launch at the Midtown Atrium of Robinsons Place Manila.In case you missed it, today is the last day of the roadshow and you can catch them until 10pm at Robinsons Place Manila.

Purchase any item and get a hug from FHM Babes. For those who reach P2,500, choose between a Limited Edition Denim Bag or a USB drive.WRANGLER ROADSHOW 2012 ftw!!!!


WIN a #CRUMPLER Pleasure Dome Camera Bag worth 2,250php

July,my 4th year blog anniversary proved to be a busy month so I wasn't able to give back to my readers and social media followers except for a contest sponsored by Diana Stalder.Since 2012 is not yet over,I will endeavor to bring to you a few more twitter/Facebook contests as a way of saying thank you to all your support.

And we are lucky to have Crumpler sponsor our next blog giveaway.Yes, here is your chance to WIN a #CRUMPLER Pleasure Dome Camera Bag worth 2,250php!

CRUMPLER Pleasure Dome Camera
CRUMPLER Pleasure Dome Camera Bag

CRUMPLER has been known for manufacturing stylish and functional professional camera and photography bags, laptop and technology bags, backpacks, casual bags and luggage.They have camera poucges and straps too!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

“Find Your Edge – Boundless Traveller” ---the WRANGLER Fall/Winter of 2012 collection

The Boundless Traveller demonstrates a free spirit on the open road who knows no boundaries. It is about exploring, feeling alive, going on adventures, and embracing unlimited possibilities. -----I tell you, I can emotionally relate to this one being a traveler myself.And I am so exited about this campaign----- “Find Your Edge – Boundless Traveller” ---the WRANGLER Fall/Winter of 2012 collection.

The Wrangler Fall/Winter 2012 campaign is the story of two people who travel together from morning till night. Fuelled by the adrenalin rush of discovery, they are always on the move and eager to explore their next destination with functional yet edgy outfits for every journey. 
 “Find Your Edge – Boundless Traveller” ---the WRANGLER Fall/Winter of 2012 collection
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