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Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Famosa's PORTA DE SANTIAGO in Melaka

This one feels like Fort Santiago and Intramuros.Except that it's older of course.lol.A Famosa's PORTA DE SANTIAGO in Melaka.

Porta in Portuguese means portal.This is where the name Porta de Santiago was derived.It is one of the main gateway into the Portuguese fortress of A’FAMOSA.Portugal conquered Melaka in 1511.Alfonso de Albuquerque started the construction of A’Famosa in 1512. which they used the defend the city from attacks by the armies of the Sultan of Melaka and Acheh for over a century.
 A Famosa's  PORTA DE SANTIAGO in Melaka

Friday, June 29, 2012


For a while I thought I was in Macau.Remember the famous St.Paul Ruins of Macau?There is a big resemblance to the one they have in Malacca.Well, they are both ruined to start with,and they are also both situated on a hill.

St.Paul's Church Malacca is located at the summit of St. Paul's Hill and is today part of the Malacca Museum Complex which includes A Famosa Ruins and the Stadhuys which houses the MELAKA History & Ethnography Museum.

St.Paul Church Melaka 
  St. PAUL'S CHURCH Malacca

inside MELAKA History & Ethnography Museum

 After spending a few minutes sitting at the Dutch Square and appreciating the surrounding buildings,I decided to go inside one of them.I acually didn't know what's inside, I just saw people going there so I followed suit.Turns out that it is the entrance to Stadthuys building where the MELAKA History & Ethnography Museum is housed.
 MELAKA History & Ethnography Museum
 inside MELAKA History & Ethnography Museum

Thursday, June 28, 2012

MALACCA oh MELAKA: what to see and what to do

I guess peer pressure also works in a good way. In as much as I want to explore downtown KL,something tells me I should also see Malaysia's countryside. Some of my blogger buddies went to Cameron and Genting Highlands,another even went as far as Penang. I didn't want to consume a lot of time on the road so I opted for MALACCA which is only two hours away.

Malacca,also known as Melaka in Malay is located 148 kms South of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.Malacca City, the capital is a UNESCO Heritage site due to the well preserved historic sites,buildings,churches.Being here is like going back in time during the Portuguese occupation of 1511.
Malacca Malaysia
what to see and do in Melaka

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pineapple Fried Rice for dinner at JALAN ALOR

2nd night in KL and the first night I was alone.All the other bloggers went off to their respective destinations while I decided to stay in the hotel and feel KL at night.Then it started to sink.That I was alone with myself.I looked around the room still unsure what I want to do where to go.I was still physically tired from the Cebu-Davao trip I had a few days before flying to malaysia so I had to resist just lying there in my bed getting lazy as usual.

Then I realized I haven't eaten dinner yet.Was starving.I forced myself to get up and explore the busy streets outside.I think Tourism Malaysia put us in Bukit Bintang for a reason,it's where everything is accessible.It's where the streets are alive at night,even as late as 3am on weekends.Just a few block away from the hotel is the famous street of JALAN ALOR.............
 JALAN ALOR at night

BATU CAVES Gombak District Selangor

Lets say this was my first taste of MALAYSIA TRULY ASIA.It was the first ever destination I tried.From the hotel, to the office of Travel Guard Chartis (which I will about later) and then here.It was in the afternoon of Friday,our first day in the KL Blogger Challenge where I was still undecided where to go.

While the other bloggers went off to different locations,I decided to give KL a chance.I wanted to get to know the city more first before going somewhere else.My friend Ryan's co-worker (Edson),who is also a Filipino who works at Chartis gave me a ride to Setiawangsa LRT station  which is just a few stations away to Gombak where BATU CAVES is located.Contrary to popular belief, Batu Caves is already outside KL.Gombak district is approximately 13kilometers North and is already part of the state of Selangor.

BATU_CAVES_Kuala Lumpur 
 BATU CAVES Gombak District Selangor

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

impressed by TERMINAL BERSEPADU SELATAN (TBS) at Bandar Tasik Selatan

This was one of my main concerns in Kuala Lumpur.Since I had to plan for my own town,I was afraid I might end up taking the taxi all the time,for convenience, but I am sure it's going to cut a big chunk on my budget.The best trick is to utilize other cheaper modes of public transportation---trains,buses etc.Turns out KL has one of the most developed highways (yes,I envy the roads and highways in KL) and transportation system.

I will talk about the trains in my next post but the TERMINAL BERSEPADU SELATAN (TBS) at Bandar Tasik Selatan deserves a separate entry.This bus terminal impressed me.Maygad, airport lang ang peg!At nahiya pati si NAIA-3! And to remind you again, this is a bus station,okay? :)
Terminal Bersepadu Selatan at Bandar Tasik Selatan (TBSBTS) 

Monday, June 25, 2012

NATIONAL STADIUM, Bukit Jalil Malaysia

I am going to break into the normal chronology of events during our KL Blogger Challenge as I want to focus on individual detailed posts first before making a summary later linking all the blog entries.Yes, I am back in Manila and it is starting to sink.There's a lot that I would like to tell you and I am so excited I donno where to start.

But let me feature the NATIONAL STADIUM at Bukit Jalil first, since I have already mentioned in the entry before this about how crazy Malaysia is in football, since it's EURO2012 season and I keep hearing cheers from crowds in pubs from my hotel at the 15th floor along Bukit Bintang when I was there.
 NATIONAL STADIUM, Bukit Jalil Malaysia

Sunday, June 24, 2012

welcome to football crazy MALAYSIA!

Tired but apparently excited, had a quick bite before going to bed.1st night out in KL with fellow bloggers and my first taste of the food.I guess.I have very short memory when it comes to name of food ya know.
RESTORAN HANIFAH with its promise of the best Muslim food in town was the life saver.It just a few meters away from our hotel.I ordered Mix Soup Campur and Teh Milk.

Mix Soup Campur

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Checked in at RADIUS INTERNATIONAL HOTEL along Bukit Bintang with six other bloggers from the Philippines and an officer of Airphil Express Sir Jojo Ayson.Shared room 1509 with a fellow blogger Edgar Allan Zeta Yap of http://www.eazytraveler.com/.I was too tired to even bother to scrutinize the place but was able to snap a few photos for you guys.

On the 2nd night,I am now alone in the room as all other bloggers went out to different destinations as part of the KL Blogger Challenge while I decided to feel KL more.That said,I have more time to review the accommodation.Noticed on the first photo that room rates starts at 140RM nett.


Friday, June 22, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR CALLING: tips on exchanging peso to Malaysian Ringgit

One of the major concerns when travel to other countries is Foreign Exchange.I was tweeting before leaving Manila as to what would be the best thing to do.1.To bring Philippine peso to be exchanged to Malaysian Riggit once I get there of 2. To bring my peso atm and simply withdraw in local atm's in Kuala Lumpur? 

Most advised me to go for option #1. One can never be sure your peso atm would work in Malaysia or not.Last time I heard,there is no automatic conversion here.
 tips on exchanging peso to Malaysian Ringgit

AIRPHIL EXPRESS now flies to Kuala Lumpur

Things are indeed looking up for frequent flyers to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia as well as those who are planning to visit the vibrant Southeast Asian city, Airphil Express is giving us more options.Yes, the Philippines’ fastest growing budget airline now flies to KL! 

The June 21 maiden flight is the budget airline’s third international route to date after Hong Kong (via Cebu and Clark) and Singapore (via Clark and Manila)
AIRPHIL EXPRESS now flies to Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, June 21, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR Blogger Adventure Challenge

Looks like I am going to pause on my Cebu2012 Series first.

Tonight,I will be on the maiden flight of Airphil Express to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where I will be joining seven other Philippine Bloggers on a tour sponsored by the fastest growing airline company in the Philippines in partnership with the Malaysia Tourism Board.

I am fresh from a tour of Cebu and Davao  where I unfortunately acquired cough and flu.So I am still on medication and on recovery mode.I am not complaining.This is a big opportunity and I am very grateful for it.By all means,I have to be on the 1st ever flight of Airphil Express to KL! :)

 KUALA LUMPUR Blogger Adventure Challenge

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BYAHE@GIMIK: My Sonshine Radio Interview

I never thought my voice sounds this good. Kidding! On the radio at least.And my first ever take on a radio interview happened Friday last week.I was asked if I can talk about travel blogging just like three or four other travel bloggers,including Estan of http://langyaw.com who have graced the show BYAHE@GIMIK hosted by Sir Toni Cuevas.They usually feature travel bloggers for live interview on Fridays and I feel honored to be one of those bloggers who have graced the show for a live chat.

The interview was very relaxed.We talked about blogging,travels and my love for Boracay.OMG,I think I talked too much about Boracay!.And I think I didn't really say anything significant when sir Toni asked me about my advice to the listeners.I want to go back and make another statement. lol

At any rate, they gave me a copy of the interview so I hope you can listen to it :)

BAG061512.mp4 from Antonio on Vimeo.

BYAHE@GIMIK: The Sonshine Radio Interview of pusangkalye

Monday, June 18, 2012

GlobeNewiPad launched +New Tattoo Ambassadors +Tattoo Plans

 "Tattoo is very pleased to bring to our subscribers the hottest tablet and the must-have device right now which is the new iPad.The trenght of Tattoo as the #1 broadband in the Philippines combined with the amazing features of the new iPad is a perfect match.Tattoo provides the best service and experience to our subscribers and so much more with unbeatable offers,freebies and discounts so that they live without limits.The new iPad with Tattoo bring users to a toattally new,leveled-up experience" ----Dong Ronquillo

May 29 2012 officially saw the launch of the NEW IPAD in the Philippines via Globe Tattoo, the country's #1 broadband at Exchange Plaza, Ayala Triangle Makati City.My wife and correspondent patrick Velasco were there to experience the party which Globe is well known for.

GlobeNewiPad launched +New Tattoo Ambassadors +Tattoo Plans

Sunday, June 17, 2012

voting starts as TATTAWARDS2012 Finalists reveled

Have you made your nominations
.Hope you did. 
Coz the TATTAWARDS2012 Finalists 
was already revealed last June 13 
at the 7th High, Bonifacio Global City. 
And voting officially starts!!!!

Be sure not to wait any longer coz you only have until June 20 to vote for your bets!!!!
 TATTAWARDS2012 Finalists 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

my first encounter with PINIKPIKAN at Tam-Awan Cafe

I recall a conversation with a fellow travel bloggers a few months back while on an out-of-town trip.We got to talk about some odd food and Pinikpikan eventually came into discussion.He mentioned his resolve not to eat the dish again as a protest to the way it's being prepared.

During the tour sponsored by Cordillera Bloggers after the successful staging of the 1st Baguio Blog Conference, we were brought to Tam-Awan Village.We were supposed to hop to Bencab Museum which is just nearby but we were running  late so we decided to spend more time in Tam-Awan Cafe instead.That's where I had my first encounter with this famous dish---pinikpikan.
 PINIKPIKAN at Tam-Awan Cafe

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TAM-AWAN VILLAGE BAGUIO, the fertility hut and the sunset view deck

My __nth travel to Baguio last May 19 where I was one of the guest speakers for the 1st Baguio Blog Conference and the side trip that ensued to what they call TAM-AWAN Village changed my perception of the City of Pines altogether.

Simply put,I never seen Baguio with this much soul.I know,I have long recognized the city with a unique culture and tradition but staying downtown during most of my stays  made me think of Baguio as more of an urban area with a little traditional side .Last December though, we visited Bencab Museum along Asin Road and that's where my perception of the city started to shift.The latest addition being Tam-Awan Village cemented that transition.
Tanaw-an Village entrance fee 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

STRAWBERRY TAHO from Baguio anyone?

Been to Baguio a thousand times (exaggerating),but I have never tried Strawberry Taho,worse, never heard of it.Shame.How come nobody mentioned this to me before?Or maybe because relatives and friends who stay in Baguio knew I don't eat taho?That was then,I do eat it,well,not that often but I do.It is healthy I know and I do try it at every opportunity, except when I feel that there is sanitary issues with the vendor :)

Tahô is a Philippine snack food made of fresh soft tofu, arnibal (brown sugar) and vanilla syrup, and pearl sago. This staple comfort food is a signature sweet and can be found all over the country. The Indonesian and Malaysian equivalent of this dish is Tahu. SOURCE:


Monday, June 11, 2012

BALER AURORA GUIDE: Where to Stay, What to See, Where to Eat.

I know it took a while to finish all the individual posts but I finally did it.I can finally work on a Summary Post.Here goes your BALER AURORA GUIDE.

Yeah, if you are looking for holiday deals, you might want to consider Baler for a change.It has become one of my favorite travel destinations in Luzon after our trip there last summer.The combination of surfing,nature and history attractions attracted me.I am sure you will find a reason to love it too...........

I created this post so as to give you a head start when planning a trip in the area.Here, I will be talking about the things we did, where we stayed, what we saw, what we ate  and stuff.

BALER AURORA GUIDE: where to stay, what to see, where to eat....


For those who don't know,I do accept wedding photography coverage projects.Kidding!!!

My wife's cousin Philip got wed with his fiancee Rona last May 30 at Guadalupe Church and they asked me if I can do some backup photography for the event.I knew it was going to be a challenge coz I have the most basic of gear----an entry level Nikon dslr with kit lens.Turns out that a few shots came just fine.To my relief..............


Friday, June 8, 2012

Cheap Accommodation in Tondol Beach Anda: NABUA BEACH HOUSE

Finding cheap accommodation in Tondol Beach Anda Pangasinan is not a difficult thing to do. The beach place is not over rated so rates are very competitive.I know I mentioned in my last post my disappointment in the way Tondol has changed trough the years but it is still a worth the try, that is. if you want isolation and if you have the luxury of time for it.

I was in the area last summer coz my aunt asked me to accompany her in looking for some properties to purchase.Kala nyo swimming no?lol . So we talked to a few people and one of them apparently is the caretaker of a beach house so I requested that they allow me to look inside the place so that I can feature them in my blog. Welcome to NABUA BEACH HOUSE.

 Cheap Accommodation in Tondol Beach Anda: NABUA BEACH HOUSE

Thursday, June 7, 2012

OXYGEN goes Retro Inspired at the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

I know it's kinda late but just in case you missed it here's OXYGEN's showcase at the HOLIDAY 2012 installment of the Philippine Fashion Week where the dominant theme was the combination of the sleek and dapper look of the 50s & 60s incorporated in a youthful vibe.That means tailored lines and classic silhouettes of the 60s and revamps it with modern prints and colors in the shades of tangerine,wine,and navy blue.

Remember my white shirt series? They are all  OXYGEN tees and I have collected almost 10 of them.haha.I looove the pants--here and here and here.Very timely, I need to shop for my next out of town trip :)

Anyhow,sharing here the photos taken during the  PFW run.
OXYGEN goes Retro at the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thai-cast flew to Manila for the premier night : ATM opens in cinemas today!

When the country's largest media network ABS-CBN decided to show the Thai movie A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE on Philippine television, the reception was extraordinary.Mario Maurer became an overnight sensation. And looks like there's no stopping the wave of Thai movies going mainstream as Star Cinema brings ATM in Philippine cinemas.

I was at the Red Carpet Premier of ATM last Sunday and I got to watch the movie first hand.I will be giving my verdict (movie review) on my next post.For now, here are the premier night photos of the movie with the main casts Chantavit Dhnasevi (Ter) and  Preechaya Pongthananikorn (Ice) flew all the way from Bangkok to join the press conference and sit with the eager fans in the premier night that ensued.
Thai-casts flew to Manila for the Premier Night of ATM

what's inside (Museu de Baler) BALER MUSEUM

Napapadalas ata ako sa mga museum lately......

It's true, if you want a crash course on the history of a place given the limited time we usually have during our travels, be sure to peek inside museums whenever a city or town has one.That's what we did in Baler before traveling back to Manila.The museum is situated downtown, a walking distance from the Catholic Church and the ancestral house of Aurora Quezon.It's a pretty small museum established via the initiative of Senator Edgardo Angara.

Here's what's inside Museu de Baler or Baler Museum......

what's inside (Museu de Baler)  BALER MUSEUM

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

tree hugging: the “MILLENNIUM TREE” at Balete Park Aurora

I was talking to my student this morning who just came back to Korea from a 1-week vacation in Hawaii.Of course we discussed about the places they visited in Hawaii and he mentioned that the Giant Tree in the movie Avatar( James Cameron) could actually be found in Hawaii? How true? I wasn't able to press him with the questions due to limited time so I will ask more about it tomorrow.Even google couldn't help me.I donno what keywords to type to start with.I guess my curiosity will have to wait another day.

And that conversation reminded of the Balete (banyan) Tree, the GIANT BALETE TREE, which we saw in Aurora last time.They officially call it “Millennium Tree” as I heard it's around 600 years old.

The “Millennium Tree” at Balete Park in Aurora

Monday, June 4, 2012

GERRY SHAN'S PLACE: eat-all-you can buffet in Baler

Food post muna bago maumay sa entertainment scoops na sunod-sunod 
at may nakapila pa :)

Food is inseparable to travel.Of course you have to eat.And finding the best eatery in the place you visit is tantamount to finding its soul.You don't necessarily have to look for the most expensive restos.During our last trip to Baler Aurora more than a month ago, there is this cheap place they call Jerry Shan's Place which is the best deal you can find town in terms of value and taste.

Remember my rant about the torturous wait over dinner at Bay's Inn?  http://www.pusangkalye.net/2012/04/dinner-at-bays-inn-baler-aurora-not.html , well, you will not experience the wait here (as long as there are available tables.Gerry Shan is always packed but we didn't find trouble waiting in line which only lasted a few minutes.

 the best eat-all-you can buffet in Baler: GERRY SHAN

The BLOOMFIELDS Concert at Matabungkay Beach Hotel Batangas

I guess I am already missing summer this early in the rainy season..................

We already have our first tropical storm in the Philippines I know.Rainy season has officially started.So the questions is,have you already have your summer beach party?Hope you did!At any rate,we Filipinos love going around regardless of the season.Yes, we cannot say that our travel end with the summer season.As a matter of fact,many airplane companies do sell promo tickets during rainy season.I personally had my most memorable vacations during July-September season.

Speaking of beach parties, I remember the BLOOMFIELDS Beach Concert last time in Matabungkay Beach Hotel Batangas.

 The BLOOMFIELDS Concert at Matabungkay Beach Hotel Batangas

Saturday, June 2, 2012

BOY PICK UP THE MOVIE: pi-pickup na sa June 6!

What is your favorite pickup line?I'm sure you have one. Pickup lines have become so famous these days that not knowing how to throw one is like being detached to reality.While I am not good at it, I enjoy hearing people exchanging pickup lines.I love watching Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition and the teens in the show never run out of it.

Here are some of the samples:

Ryan: Apoy kaba?
Karen: bakit?
Ryan: Kasi  " Alab you!!"

Tom: Mais ka ba?
Karen: Bakit?
Tom: Ang corny mo kasi!

 BOY PICK UP THE MOVIE:pi-pickup na sa June 6!

MISTER PHILIPPINES 2012 Qualifications and Requirements

Been maintaining contact with the secretariat of Mister Philippines since I accidentally covered it last year. http://www.pusangkalye.net/search/label/MISTER%20PHILIPPINES .As such, an announcement came out today regarding the 2012 installment as well as the qualifications and requirements for those who are interested to join the contest.

MISTER PHILIPPINES 2012 - The Founding President and National Director of MISTER PHILIPPINES INC., DR. JOSEPH PALLERA has announced that the 3RD ANNUAL MISTER PHILIPPINES FINALS shall be in October 6, 2012. The title holder of Mister Philippines 2012 will compete and represent our country on November 13-24 to Mister International 2012 Thailand.

MISTER PHILIPPINES 2012 Qualifications and Requirements

JUNE 2 is POLE CATS MANILA 3rd anniversary concert day!

I can't believe it has been a year since I watched POLE CATS MANILA's 1st ever concert, POLARITY, in celebration of their 2nd anniversary. Held at the Philamlife Theater Manila, the group proved that pole dancing is a trade equal to other artistic disciplines.And I still have a few unpublished photos of that concert.My apologies if I overlooked the events and it was just late last night when I found out that today, JUNE 2 is actually their 3rd year anniversary concert.Ma bad!

POLE CATS MANILA is the first organized pole dance group in the country! And the only studio with Internationally Certified Pole Dance Instructors.

If you are reading this and you are near the concert venue ----AFP THEATER, be sure not to miss it!You will never think of pole dancing the same way again.Sharing you the photos I took during last years anniversary concert.Enjoy!!!

 JUNE 2 is POLE CATS MANILA 3rd anniversary concert day!
(photo taken last year during their POLARITY concert)

bird's eyeview of BORACAY ISLAND

For those who are wondering how Boracay Island looks like from the sky,here goes.You will not miss it when you take the plane to Caticlan (unless you are asleep).It's so near the airport.When you spot it, you realize it's really small.Every time I see these photos, I always wish this paradise would have been larger to accommodate at least a million tourists at a time.The Philippines would have been a tourist haven.

 bird's eyeview of BORACAY ISLAND

Friday, June 1, 2012

Golf Your Way to FATHER'S DAY at Marriott Manila

In South Korea, people celebrate Mother's day and Father's day at the same time and call it PARENT'S DAY.Here in the Philippines and in many other countries, we have separate days assigned for each of them.Mother's day is celebrated every second Sunday of May while Father's Day is widely observed on the 3rd Sunday of June.Now that's a little trivia for you there!

Not that you don't know ayt?But most of us,like I do, tend to forget it. Now here is a treat that you might give your Dad.At MARRIOTT MANILA, you are sure that there is a perfect venue to celebrate his life and love through golf.

Golf Your Way to FATHER"S DAY at Marriott Manila

DPPVI Anniversary Party coverage via Zeke Tan

I was browsing trough some albums of my photographer friends in Facebook with the hope of finding coverage to the recently concluded Digital Photagrapher Philippines'6th Anniversary Party (DPPVI).I did find a couple of albums and looking at the pictures,I got a grasp of what transpired that day.

I immediately left a note on the group page of Young Photographers Philippines (YOPHO) asking if anybody of those who attended might want to share the photos to my readers.One heed the call.So here are some of the snaps of ZEKE TAN of YOPHO.
DPPVI Anniversary Party coverage via Zeke Tan
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