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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I love stuffing things in my fridge. When I am too lazy to cook, which is most often the case, i just take anything  from refrigerator that can tame my hungry stomach. That's why I was glad when I heard that we will drop by Bakers Hill after Mitra's Ranch. To be honest, I didn't know what to see in Baker's Hill. The mere mention of the word baker in the name of the place made me think there should be a bakeshop there And there is!!Even more.....hahaha
Baker's Hill Palawan

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BINUATAN weaving creations

One of the few surprises of my second time in Puerto Prinsesa was BINUATAN creations. Here, they manufacture handloom woven products utilizing Palawan's indigenous fibers like field grasses, buri etc.Among the products they produce are bags, placemats, table runners, window blinds and curtains, ref covers and coaster wall hangers that are top quality they are being exported all over the world.

This was part of our city tour during the third day of the AirPhil Express Familiarization Tour of Puerto Princesa last June 24-26.  We went here after visiting Mitra's Ranch and Bakers Hill-both of which I haven't been to before. I will also blog separately about those two soon but  for now, the spotlight is about Binuatan Creations.
Binuatan Palawan

this is where it is created

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AIRPHIL EXPRESS + Puerto Princesa = happy barkada

Tropical storm Falcom was on its way to Luzon when I recieved an email confirmation from AirPhil Express mid last week. It's about the Puerto Princesa Familiarization Tour for bloggers where I was one of the chosen few.People around me were a little worried.

There are reasons to be cautious. A few flights were cancelled the day before and there was forecast of more rains. But I have faith in our airport personnel, more so with the pilots of AirPhil Express as I know that they have seasoned aviators. With a little prayer in my pocket on Friday morning, the 24th, I went to NAIA-3 and joined my buddies.I know it's going to be a barkada trip so I was very excited!!!
ousangkalye in puerto prinsesa
pusangkalye flying AirPhil Express.ftw!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

YOPHO CHICKEN : loser!!!!

Just got home from Puerto Prinsesa Palawan for a familiarization tour and I still feel too lazy to write bout our fun fun fun fun experience there. Soon. For now, I need to sleep more and recover from tired muscles so I'm leaving you with this cool video created by Mark Christian Ambata who is a buddy and a member of Young Photographers Philippines taken during our Max's-Chicken-All-You -Can food trip last time. enjoy!!!

Chicken from Slitch01 on Vimeo.

I know that Mark also creates videos but I was really surprised at how he has advanced since. Finally, a master videographer for the group. Nice work Mark, cool song, good editing. Fun content.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Spending Holy Week in PUERTO GALERA

This trip was a last minute attempt to salvage the long vacation during Holy week. I was marred by indecision. I haven't really prepared for any out of town trip during that time as my wife and i were already exhausted physically and financially in the early months of the year. So we thought of just staying in Binangonan and rest. But as the days of the holy week slowly approaches, I felt panicky.

I don't get enough time to be excuse from work. I have no sick leave coz I work on freelance basis. We thought of going back to our hometown Anda Pangasinan and spend the holiday there just like the old days. I also thought it could also be possible to just ride the jeep to Paete Laguna and watch how fanatically they celebrate there. Another was to board the bus to Bicolandia and marvel at the beauty of Mayon Volcano which Teresa didn't agree to since 12 hours bus ride would be too stressful for a place she has already been too a few years ago.

You see, there was reason to panick. To go or not to go, and where?

Puerto Galera babes
Puerto Galera on Holy Week

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Max's Restaurant, the Philippine's favorite home-cooked fried chicken chain has brought back it's much awaited CHICKEN-ALL-YOU-CAN promo for 2011 starting  June 10. Yes,form 6-10pm daily, go to Max and  you can avail of an unlimited serving of fried chicken matched with a glass of Pepsi for only 199php. Good deal!!!

After the successful model shoot with YOPHO the other week, we were all exhausted and hungry. From UP Diliman, some of us decided to go straight to TRINOMA and avail of the Chicken-All-You-Can promo.

MAX all you want

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clasicas Españolas : ANGELO ORTIZ

We were buying cinema tickets at Shangri-la Mall last Sunday when I noticed that a concert is ongoing at the ground floor. It was not just an ordinary concert as the piano renditions with the accompaniment of orchestra easily  captured my attention. Since the first movie was not due till 30 minutes later, we decided to go down and check it.

The beautifully set stage say Clasicas Españolas featuring world champion ANGELO ORTIZ. Ortiz was at the piano and on the backdrop was a giant picture of him. From afar, it looked as if there's a giant screen projecting this young man playing the piano. What I had in mind while listening and occasionally snapping photos was, Is he Spanish?

It never occurred to me that he is Filipino.Pardon my ignorance. And so when I went home, I immediately opened the PC and made some research......

angelo Ortiz
Calsicas Españolas featuring Angelo Ortiz

Monday, June 20, 2011

16th FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL Manila : Dans les Cordes

The 16th French Film Festival Manila has successfully finished in Shangri-la Mall yesterday with the movie finale TREE OF LIFE. It lasted for 10 days from June 9-19,2011 showcasing contemporary French flicks.

This is a yearly event commissioned by the Embassy of France in Manila so it's open to the public for free. The trick is to go to the venue a queue as it is on a first come first serve basis.

FRENCH Festival Manila
16th French film Festival Shangri-la Mall  Edsa Mandaluyong

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I join the country in celebrating  the150th birth anniversary of the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal today!!!

Celebrations are ongoing all across the Philippines with big events in LUNEATA PARK.Banda ng Maynila (Brass band of the City of Manila) will kick start the event by playing live music from 6:15 p.m. to around 6:45 p.m.
The Ateneo Chamber Singers will be performing classics, as well as one specially composed song for the event on the Main Stage (Flag pole area of Plaza Moriones) at around 7:30 p.m.

LUNETA PARK and the Rizal Monument

Friday, June 17, 2011

TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE 2011 captured in the Philippines

It's something that doesn't happen often, the alignment of the sun, earth and moon where the earth blocks the sun thereby denying the moon of light is what's called TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE. Such occurrence was observed June 15,2011. 

In the Philippines, Australia and Western Asia, the eclipse was visible just before sunrise,categorically June 16, Thursday.
Photo By Jan Go of Young Photographers Philippines

Thursday, June 16, 2011

TRAVEL GUIDE TO PAGUDPUD : tara na sa ilocandia!!!!

The launch of PILIPINAS tara na campaign of the Department of Tourism (DOT) last May almost raised my eyebrows again. But when I tried to analyze the rationale, I came to understand that it makes sense after all. It's a domestic travel campaign. Why? According to a survey conducted by the National Statistics Office, 23 million Filipinos traveled within the country in 2009. That number is expected to grow to 32 million by 2016. wow!!!

And so I made a resolution to start writing like a travel blogger and not just show teasing photos of the places I visit. This is one of those posts. The summary of our tour of Ilocos back in April. Tara na sa Ilocandia!!!!
pusangkalye in SAUD BEACh Pagudpud--tara na!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TEAM WEST PANGASINAN : JOSH UY a.k.a intsikboy comes to manila

The sponsored tour of Alaminos and Bolinao I shared with nine other bloggers in September of 2010 is by far the most relaxed, most fun and most memorable group tour I've ever had. Months after the trip, the memories linger and the friendship that we started way back in WESTERN PANGASINAN has grown deeper.

We have never had the chance to meet again--all 10 of us-- at the same time, but we occasionally see each other in small groups. Among all the members, only Josh Uy of http://www.intsikboy.com/ is not based in Metro Manila as he maintains permanent residency in Sta. Barbara Pangasinan. So we got excited to see him when he came to Manila last month for an official business.

JOSH UY in MNLph tee

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

YOH FROZ opens in Banawe: more reasons to do your health a flavor

Back in 2004 when the concept of soft-serve frozen yogurt was still unheard of in the Philippines, a family stumbled upon this healthy dessert during one of their trips abroad. They were so delighted with the idea that one can indulge in such a refreshingly delicious treat less the guilt, and at the same time, enjoy the countless health benefits of yogurt. This discovery lead to the launch of Yoh-gurt Froz in 2005.

A lot has changed. From the tiny cart back in 2005, the brand has grown to over 15 branches in the Philippines. Last Saturday, I was invited in the opening of their 20th store in Banawe Quezon City where I learned of the re-branding they are undergoing form Yuh-gurt Froz to YOH FROZ.

Monday, June 13, 2011

DPP ON A HIGH : digital photographer philippines 5th anniversary party

I noticed that if there are 3 hobbies/special interests in the Philippines that are showing spike in followers, it would be cosplay , blogging and photography. While I don't do cosplay, I am very glad I am into the last two. Speaking of photography, DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHER PHILIPPINES has turned 5 this year. 

As such, DPP celebrated ON A HIGH---the 5th ANNIVERSARY PARTY which saw the whole of Bonifacio High street flooded by photographers both professionals and enthusiasts alike.The celebration lasted from 10am-12midnight on the 4th of June.

Bonifacio High Street
DPP ON A HIGH--Bonifacio High street became a photographers haven

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My first ever MODEL SHOOT with YOPHO: teaser

To some members who I have been sharing experiences with during photowalks, they will hear me say that I hate shooting portraits. It's one of my least favorite fields in photography, unlike landscape and street where I can proudly say that I have almost mastered it.

I was browsing my albums from two years ago this morning when I saw this photo of DJ Sam Oh and DJ Gibb (outside 99.5 RT's studio) which I took when I was still an intern at Bounce Magazine (April 2009). I've realized, that during that time I was already taking portraits of celebrities, and even managed to produce a good photo despite still being a newbie using just my Nikon D90, its kit lens and a simple PhP 20.00 mirror to bounce the flash, what more now when I have already mastered the technical aspect of photography.

So, thanks to this find, I was inspired to take portraits again, so I really hope that I can catch up with you guys on Sunday so that I can refresh my portraiture skills!!!

YOPHO phils
Young Photographers Club of the Philippines in UP Dilman getting pep talk before shoot

Friday, June 10, 2011


Vigan is one of the places in Ilocos that i have always wanted to see even way back College days when I was studying in Pangasinan. I have always wondered about how old their heritage houses are and how it would look like in person. Not to say that there is shortage of such old houses in Pangasinan but the expanse and the way in which they are preserved in Vigan has caught my curiosity. At the same time, I have always wondered why Vigan took so long to classify as a city despite being the capital of Ilocos Sur. After me and my wife dropped by the place last April, I think  I have a little idea why.......

My wife and I booked  a 1-way flight to Ilocos Norte because we intended to take the bus back to Manila with the hope of  dropping by Vigan should time warrants. It was already 7:30pm on a Sunday when we got to laoag from Pagudpud.After withrawing money from the bank, we decided to roam around for a few minutes to snap some night shots. We finally got to the Fariñas station at around 9pm where we boarded the bus bound Cubao. It was then that I made the last-minute decision to stop in Vigan for an hour or so before taking the bus again to Manila.

pusangkalye in Calle Crisologo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have already featured my photography group several times here in my blog and you can still search about those articles simply by googling it in search bar of my page. The last one was during our Christmas Party which was a turning point for YOPHO and the lives of its members. Simply put, something went wrong and the events that happened thereafter shaped and reshaped the group as it is today.

To date, YOPHO stands for YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS CLUB of the PHILIPPINES. The remaining members decided to re-brand it a bit so as to erase bitter memories of the past. Yes, the group was divided and was almost dissolved if not for some concerned people who stood their ground to keep it alive. 

I have not talked about it here before as it was humiliating to admit, that some of the best skilled photographers of the old group had to go and form a new one. I am talking about it now because the members who adhered to our cause have already accepted that. We have already come into terms with the reality that we tried to stop people from clashing but to no avail. The line was drawn and we found ourselves on opposite sides. That long standing conflict still rages from time to time as some people simply find it difficult to move on with their lives and let others be.

Mel Lavadia--YOPHO and PROUD!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MS. PHILIPPINES EARTH 2011 cultural costume photos

I know this has been long overdue. But since the hype about Ms Earth Philippines 2011 is still on, I wanna release my photo coverage of the Talent and Cultural Costume competitions last May 21 at Thunderbird Resort Rizal where I was invited personally by Nica of Thunderbird to cover the event.

Presenting, the Ms. Earth candidates in their cultural presentation!!!!!!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Ms. Aurora is Ms. PHILIPPINES EARTH 2011

Congratulations to Ms Aurora, Athena Mae Imperial for winning Ms EARTH PHILIPPINES 2011!!! She was crowned yesterday in Puerto Prinsesa Palawan after besting the 10 lovely candidates who vied for this years title. A well deserved win!!!!!

The twenty-four year-old Athena Mae Imperial reigns from Casiguran, Aurora. I am sure you kababayans are very proud of you. I was at Thunderbird Resort Rizal a few weeks ago for the Pre-Pageant and I saw her shine on stage.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

PINOY TRAVEL BLOGGERS goes to google adsense webinar

I am so excited to talk about this. That's why despite all my backlogs and earlier events, I wanna show you this one first. Yesterday, me and a group of Pinoy Travel Bloggers (PTB) attended a webinar organized by the Blog and Soul Movement about adsense. No less than the google adsense team from Singapore explained the topics through online streaming. A separate blog entry on that soon.

First, the camwhore photos of  TEAM WESTERN PANGASINAN and Pinoy Travel Bloggers inside the Meralco Case Room of Asian Institute of Management.

anton, darwin,gael, and cai

Saturday, June 4, 2011


 We all have different needs. In my case, the need to strengthen back muscles so as to minimize back pain, to my wife, the to trim down. Both are most than just aimed at feeling good at once self, it's also anchored at achieving good health.

We diets and slimming to staring ourselves and thereby sacrificing our health. Not at all. Women have never been at an advantage when it comes to losing weight. There are a lot of amazing products out there that you can use without starving yourself to death. One of which is XENICAL, the effective weight management solution.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

BEWARE OF BALI : a pinay travel blogger's bad experience in Bali Indonesia

Let the story be heard!!!
My friend Chyng Reyes who is well known and respected travel blogger in the Philippines together with another blogger Dyanie had a horrific experience during their recent trip to Bali Indonesia.

I know Chyng personally and for her to be treated in that manner is irritatingly annoying.
The story goes..... Chyng and Dyanie arrived in Bali Indonesia on the eve of May 26,2011 from Singapore as they decided to celebrate their birthday in island. Upon landing in Bali, they were apprehended by the immigration officer. In her account,

"The moment the officer saw my passport - he carried my luggage. He asked me "is this yours?" I said yes. What could be wrong with my luggage.. The officer scanned our hands too. We don't have any idea what's that for so we asked him. He answered "secret".

After he scanned our hands with that stick, he looked at me and said "come and follow me." He looked to Dyan and said "you also."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ONE-STOP HERITAGE TRAIL OPENS as Rizal Park gets a face lift

June is a very important month in the Philippine calendar. Not only because it's the time for weddings but because it's our Independence month and at the same time the birth month of our National Hero Jose Rizal.

Whenever we talk of such, one thing enters our mind----LUNETA. 

Rizal Park as it is otherwise known is steeped in heritage and has been the site of some of the most significant moments in Philippine history. AMong them was the execution of our national hero Jose Rizal, thus the park was renamed in his memory. Also Mariano Gomez, Jose Apolonio Burgos  and jacinto Zamora for their involvement in the 1872 Cavite mutiny. Rizal Park was the place where the Philippine Indepence from US rule was declared on July 4 1946. More recently, it was recently the site of political rallies of former presidents  Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino.

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