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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cendol and Chicken Rice Ball at RESTORAN FAMOSA Melaka

My Kuala Lumpur Series was cut short due to some priority local posts.Now that they are already taken care of,I can continue flooding you guys with anything KL related,and there are still quite a few.haha This one is the aftershock of my sidetrip to Melaka during the course of the #AirphilKualaLumpur Challenge.

I walked across Melaka for a few hours and entertained as I was,I forgot the I haven't eaten lunch yet until around 4pm.After buying pasalubong near the Dutch Square,I tried to find my way to Chinatown which is not difficult to find coz it's adjacent to the Red Square just across the river. I was not sure exactly if it was Chinatown at first.I saw a dragon lantern so I guessed I was in Chinatown (Chinatown or Little India kasi,same building structures parin all troughout and makikita mo.)
chicken_rice ball
 Cendol and Chicken rice ball at RESTORAN FAMOSA Melaka

Monday, July 30, 2012

best for corporate events +awesome infinity pool lake view at PUNTA de FABIAN in Baras Rizal

I remember taking my motorbike for a test drive last year going deeper in the Province of Rizal instead of the usual inclination to heed towards the direction of Metro Manila.After Binangonan is Cardona,then Morong,then Baras and ultimately,Tanay ---where you can hop to neighboring Laguna.I remember passing  a highway cutting into Baras without passing through the town proper thereby saving on travel time if you are heeded towards Tanay.I remember noticing a signboard of a resort which looked appealing.At that time,I thought it looks good but why in this place?

I have always though of this area of Rizal as remote,meaning,underdeveloped and difficult to access.That was a year ago when my views about isolation is more on the negative context.Now,isolation to me means relaxation and peace of mind.That's what resorts like PUNTA de FABIAN in Baras Rizal is for.
Punta de Fabian_baras rizal
awesome infinity pool lake view at PUNTA de FABIAN in Baras Rizal

Sunday, July 29, 2012

NUAT THAI LIBIS: Massage I would recommend in its price category

I know I badly need a massage again.My back muscles are so stiff it hurts.Damn,hobby ko na ata magpa-massage! But I guess I am not the only one.Along with progress comes the changing nature of work for most of us.You know how often I complain about staying long hours in front of the computer but I can't do anything to change that.

That's why I frequent Saunas and Massage shops.One of which is the latest discovery,Nuat Thai in Libis Quezon City just across Shopwise before Eastwood if you are coming from Pasig area.


MUTYA NG PILIPINAS 2012 Swimsuit Press Presentation

This is the beauty pageant which seeks to promote not just Filipina beauty but also “Beauty Tourism” within Asia and West Pacific.

Last July 18 saw the Press Presentation of the 30 lovely candidates at Midas Hotel Pasay in their swimsuit.To the delight of my correspondent,Chris Vallejera who snapped the following photos for us.He did a good job in taking photos of all thirty of them!

   MUTYA NG PILIPINAS 2012 Press Presntation in Swimsuit 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

behind the scenes of GUNI-GUNI movie photo shoot

The cast of Guni-Guni were in Pioneer Mandaluyong last week for a photo shoot and I was invited to come over. Unfortunately, the tropical depression dropped heavy rains in the Metro so I just sent my ever reliable correspondent Krizelle.The weather was indeed gloomy outside but the mood inside the studio was one that is hot and fierce as Krizelle puts it.Thanks to the creepy props (human body parts inside jars, not real body parts of course), the sizzling beauty of Lovi Poe (one of my favorite young stars) and the topless Benjamin Alves,the leading male character in the movie.

Guni Guni is an upcoming suspense horror film by Regal Entertainment under the direction of  Tara Illenberger.

Sharing to you the behind the scenes pics of the photo shoot.Kinda redundant no?Just enjoy!!!! :)

Benjamin_Alves_nude_for Guni-Guni
 Lovi Poe and Benjamin Alves for Guni Guni

5 Reasons why I want to visit THAILAND

Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and lately Malaysia. Seen them all and each country so far didn't fail to impress me.There are four more Southeast Asian nations in my list and one of them is definitely Thailand. I am ready to be awed by Thailand!

Going to Siam seem to be elusive until now. That’s because I've been waiting for a perfect time to book Flights to Thailand but to no avail. Seat sales always shy away from my schedule.

But I will get to Thailand sooner or later. For now, all I can do is to intensify my research about the country so that I will be ready to fly there when the opportunity presents itself.

I have a few friends in Bangkok but I am still very ignorant about the place. It is still different if you see it yourself. Forgive me if I love touristy places but I always feel that one should satisfy the basics first before one can go deeper into the intricate business of knowing a country.
Wat Arun in Bangkok
photo source here

why TURKEY is the favorite destination of my South Korean Students

I always see to it that I share my blog to my students in South Korea.In the first place,I created it originally to serve as a visual aid to my students so that it would be easier to explain the things I do over the weekend.We usually do free talking on our daily affairs you know.

Been travelling a lot these days and my travel entries are definitely a big draw to my students.It's my way of promoting the tourists spots we have in the country.

I also make sure I ask about their travels.I often wanna know about their favorite destinations and I was surprised that many of them mentioned Turkey.I know that Turkey is far from the Philippines but you will be surprised to find out that there are Cheap Holidays to Turkey.
I wasn't really paying attention to them until recently when two students shared to me photos of their Turkey trip which blew me away.I am now more than convinced that Turkey deserves a better look.
Gorome National Park-Turkey
photo credit:here

Friday, July 27, 2012

I left my heart in ISLA RETA Talikud Island

This is what I mean by saving the best for last.I have long wanted to visit Davao City primarily because I was very curious about its Southern neighbor---Samal Island.

Contrary to popular misconception,Samal Island is not part of Davao City.Otherwise called "Island Garden City of Samal" ,it is a separate Municipality.What's good about Samal though is that it's very near Davao City.It could be seen from the naked eye from the city and could be accessed via boat from either Sta.Ana or Sta.Rita wharf's,of which travel time could take at least 30-45minutes on the the nearest destination. I had to say that so as you would understand why boat schedules to and from the island are limited and tricky.You see,the schedule is based on the average volume of locals going to and from the island.In short,if you are a tourist,you need to go with the schedule of the locals and not the other way around.

Passenger boats are kinda big and could carry around one hundred passengers at a time.Our chosen destination was not in the main island but in a smaller island they call TALIKUD which lies west of Samal.Talicud is known for a couple of beautiful beaches,one of which being ISLA RETA.
 I lelt my heart in ISLA RETA Talikud Island

Thursday, July 26, 2012

MIDORI Inn DAVAO:new and green

We thought of trying another easy-on-the-budget accommodation in Davao City after spending the first night in the Royale House so that I could have another suggestion to my readers.

Our friend Jd actually made phone reservations in Green Windows but it didn't turn pleasant.The receptionist was "mataray" so we walked away.Good thing Jd was around to save the day.We ended in MIDORI Inn along J.Camus extension.

Midori Inn 
MIDORI Inn J.Camus Extension Davao

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Davao People's Park+ Pasalubong Center + ZUDA SPA Massage Center

I wanna save the best for last so I am breaking from the chronological narration of events thereby skipping the whole day tour and going straight to our last night in Davao City.

We checked in at a new place.Took a quick shower as were from the beach and immediately hit the road again with Jd who was from work.He took us to Davao People's Park which to my mind is the best public park in the Philippines.
Davao Pasalubong Center

Tribu K' MINDANAWAN Cultural Village Fire Dance + side trip on Jack's Ridge Davao City

Another field trip peg mala High School.Part of the 200peso entrance free is a cultural fire dance show at K'Mindanawan Cultural Village.That on top of entrance to Crocodile Park and the Butterfly House.

Tribu K' Mindanawan, is a cultural village that showcases the richness of the Indigenous People in Mindanao.It's part of the Davao Crocodile Park Complex so it's separated by a couple of meters from the crocodile sanctuary.
  Tribu K' MINDANAWAN Cultural Village fire dance

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mount Apo CIVET COFFEE + Crocodile Durian Ice Cream for the win!

It's time to experience Davao through the taste buds.Food component of the trip is in order.Perfect coz we got a little starved after the shows inside the main animal sanctuary of the Crocodile Farm.

I like it here coz there are shops outside which sells not just goods and souvenir items but food as well,especially Durian Ice Cream and Civet Coffee---just a few of what Davao is well known for.

I know right,Durian.Something tells me I should try it but I was not emotionally ready that time to try it.The super strong smell of the fruit really turns me off.Imagine having sex with a woman with strong body odor and you know what I mean.hahaha

Civet Cofee

The Butterfly House and the CROCODILE PARK Davao exposed my ignorance for butterflies and reptiles

We landed in Davao at around 2pm,an hour after leaving Cebu City.I was too excited to explore the attractions in Davao City and surrounding areas.I was thinking of going to Eden Park and Samal Island.

I was told by our friend Jd,a local of Davao City that it would be difficult given the 3days/2nights stay.The reason,Eden Park is an hour away from downtown on one direction and Samal Island is also approximately an hour away on another direction.To add to that,Eden Park is now accessible only via private vehicle or taxi which costs 600pesos one way while Samal Island could be accessed via boat on a limited trips.

I tried hard to fit everything in our schedule but twas impossible,so we had to choose one to be visited the next day.We decided to stay in the city overnight.

Monday, July 23, 2012

DAVAO ZORB PARK:rolling,rolling in an Orb Ball

There was a lot of buzz about this Giant Ball in Davao where you get inside and roll.Yeah,it's an orb.Zorbing originally became famous in New Zealand.Now,it's in Davao City.Being the "inggetero" that I am,I told myself I want to try it myself.Or maybe I wanted it for my wife.I was not sure if my back would handle it.

I made research prior to our trip and learned that the area with which DAVAO ZORB PARK is located is not very friendly for a commute.Good thing we have a kind friend in Davao City,JD,and he took us there with his car.It saved us not only the taxi fare but precious time as well.
Zorbing and back pains
  zorbing at DAVAO ZORB PARK

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The ROYALE HOUSE DAVAO:Cheap Accommodation without Sacrificing Comfort

It was our first time in Davao City and the first thing I had to decide was the type of accommodation we will book.I though it would not be wise to go for an expensive hotel as we plan to explore the city and nearby Samal Island.I asked my friends and they immediately recommended Royale House Davao to us.It was a good decision.

Going for a luxury accommodation would just be a setback.It's either it will be too comfortable you wouldn't think of going out or that it is too expensive,you would feel guilty leaving and spending most of the 24 hours outside the hotel.
the ROYALE_house_DAVAO

Saturday, July 21, 2012

DAVAO finally!!!!

Conquered Davao,finally!I don't know about you but in my case,I had this feeling that I have to be in the three largest cities in the Philippines before I can really say that I have seen the representation of the country.It's weird no,with the three largest cities,one is in Luzon,one is in Visayas and one in Mindanao.

Davao has always been a hard catch.Bihira kasi mag-seat sale sa Davao.hahaha.Such therefore was my excitement when I finally set foot in the Durian Capital of the Philippines.

Davao City,here comes pusangkalye finally!!!!

Davao finally!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Boston Massachusetts and the 5 PLACES I wanna visit in the US

I have the habit of making pronouncement.It works most of the time though.I do it because it pushes me to do what I declare because I have already said it.When I was just starting on my career as on Online English Teacher for Korean students,I was asked many time what my plans are for the medium term.I told one of my students I dream of teaching in the US someday.

That same student happens to be my student until now,4years has passed and the dream seems to be getting more and more remote.The US has always been a far from my financial reach.To start with,its far and the process of getting a working visa is rigorous and expensive.I was asked by the same student again a few days ago.Do you still want to pursue you dream of going to the US he said.I think I want to go to US but not for work anymore,maybe one day as a tourist I said.Fingers crossed.

The US is a vast territory with lots of diverse attractions.One of the main concerns therefore is the cost.Especially on accommodation.After reading and article on Massachusetts Vacation Rentals
though,I realized it could be practical.

So,what are the places I wanna see and visit in the US if given the Chance to travel there?

The Grand Canyon in Colorado
photo credits:here

Thursday, July 19, 2012

my wife's cooking misadventure and how McCORMICK saved the day

I have always believed that blogs are a reflection of the type of person the blogger behind it.Yes,even in the case of porn blogs.lol

In my case,my blog has been a refelection of my continues evolution as a person.it a travel-lifestyle blog so its easy to tell.It annals the stories of the things I do.And lately,my friends and followers have been teasing me since I've been featuring beauty and health topics.What can I do?Those are my needs at the moment.

Don't be surprise therefore if in the near future,it will evolve into something of a more family oriented thing.Speaking of which,I would like to mention the latest misadventure of my wife in cooking.We went to the grocery the other day and she discovery a range of products by McCormick.She bought curry powder,bay leaves (laurel),Oregano ground and basil leaves.So the trick now is on what meal to use them.

McCORMICK saved the day

Monday, July 16, 2012

WIN Diamond Peel for 2 at DIANA STALDER Face and Body Clinic

Hi guys!!!! July is my blog anniversary month and on the 11th,my blog has turned 4! Thank you to all of your support and continued visit in my pusangkalye blog.I owe its success to you! And a s a way of giving back to all my Facebook,Twitter and blog followers,I am giving away Diamond Peel for 2 at DIANA STALDER Face and Body Clinic. Yes!ONE (1) lucky winner will get two (2) Diamond Peel Treatments worth 2thousand pesos!!!

Read below on how to join!!!!!

WIN Diamond Peel for 2 at DIANA STALDER

Resort-inside-a-resort-feel at AUM SPA Mactan + the best deep tissue massage ever!

Been to so many spa and massage shops this past few months.I have been dying to write about each unique experience but haven't done so. This decision therefore to write about AUM SPA sets the bar high for my future Spa/Massage reviews. But it can't be helped.The deep tissue massage we had at Aum Spa in Crimson Resort Mactan is the final installment to my Cebu2012 Series and it was one of my best Spa experience to date.

Let's talk about the Spa facilities first.Aum Spa is like a resort within a resort.An obvious advantage to the sprawling resort setting of Crimson Maktan.It is consistent with the general Asian-inspired architecture and ambiance of the resort.

Resort-inside-a-resort-feel at AUM SPA Mactan

Diamond Peel at DIANA STALDER Edsa Central Mall

"I think we should do this more often.remarks my wife, I think I should alot a particular amount of my monthly pay on my skin care, obvious na ang mga signs of ageing" I nodded and nodded and nodded.It's true.Especially with a series of travels in the last few months, increased exposure to the sun, stress at work, plus the slowdown in regeneration process normal to ageing, kailangan talaga.

This realization came as a result of our facial treatment--- at Diana Stalder  Face and Body Clinic at Edsa Central Mall in Mandaluyong.
 Diamond peel at DIANA STALDER Edsa Central Mall

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I bought for 2,000php at SM North Edsa's GREAT NORTHERN SALE

I was reading this CNN report last night analyzing why the Philippine economy grew robustly in the 1st quarter of 2012 despite the global slowdown, the crisis in Europe, the cooling down of economies of India and China.There were a few reasons mentioned.One of which is the fact that the Philippine economy is driven by consumption.

True.Go to shopping malls and you don't feel that there is a Global Slowdown.Crisis?What Crisis?Not in Manila and definitely not in Quezon City where the GREAT NORTHERN SALE is ongoing.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Those Little Secrets at Cinemalaya2012: MGA MUMUNTING LIHIM

"You reach a point in your life na ang nililibing mo na ay ang mga kaibigan mo,and its a painful thing" Those were the words of Direk Joey Reyes the moment I stepped inside the conference room.He was talking to a group of bloggers and film students about his entry in CINEMALAYA2012.

Direk Joey,being the brilliant talker that he is immediately caught my attention.I came late and I immediately looked at the posters plastered around the room.The movie on discussion is MGA MUMUNTING LIHIM which stars mainstream artists, Judy Ann Santos, Iza Calzado,Agot Isidro and Janice de Belen.

The director continued explaining how the movies' plot came into life.
"A few years ago,Direk Joey recounts, a very dear friend of mine passed away.We were the best of friends.And on the day of her neucrological service I was surprised to find out that I didn't have any part in it"

I imagined myself in that situation.Yeah,how would you feel when the person who died who you thought is your best friend,prepared a program for her death but didn't include you in it?
And that's where the revelations unravelled one by one.Mga Mumunting Lihim is about Those Little Secrets that we keep even to our closest of friends."You can never know somebody completely even you best friend"-----DirekJoey
MGA MUMUNTING LIHIM (Those Little Secrets)

Friday, July 13, 2012

you don't wanna miss FLAVORS OF ASIA at Marriott Manila

Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.You don't have to go to these countries to sample their food, Marriott Manila is taking them to you!Marriott Cafe will be at the center of this month-long celebration. Four Oriental flavors in one restaurant?.Mala United Nations con pyesta lang! :)

My wife and I visited Mcafe last week to check if it is indeed true to what they are promising.After going to Malaysia last month,I felt that my literacy for food has increased a little and I am actually dying to sample more Malaysian dishes which I missed during the Kuala Lumpur trip. FLAVORS OF ASIA at MCafe,let's see how authentic it could get.

My favorite ---chef Thanathorn from Thailand at Mcafe's FLAVORS OF ASIA

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nicki Minaj PINK FRIDAY MANILA Concert

I am sooooooo having NICKI MINAJ hangover now.It took a while to sink.When Globe invited me last week saying I got a VIP ticket to the PINK FRIDAY MANILA Concert,I even almost turned it town.You see,I have been absent a lot of times from work and I am starting to get worried I might be unemployed soon if this bad attendance continues.But I am thankful I have good friends,they reminded me I am lucky and I should grab it.My students from South Korea understand and they even said they envy me.But as I said,it didn't sink until a few hours before the concert that I am actually going to watch Nicki Minaj.

Onika Tanya Maraj aka Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer, songwriter and voice actress.She is the first female solo artist to have seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time.Her seventh single SUPER BASS is a certified quadruple-platinum in sales.That's how Big she is and although I am not a die hard fan,who am I to resist?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lechon Overload at ZUBU CHON Mactan

I thought I love lechon.But now I am having second thoughts.Or maybe this is my karma.I love lechon so much that i always forget my wife is not a fan of it.

Here's what happened.We were checked in at Crimson Resort and Hotel which is a comfortable 100-peso distance from the hotel.Despite the objection from my wife,I was able to convince her to go out of teh resort and check out dining places in Mactan Island. I was suggested to go to ZUBU CHON in Islands Stay Mactan.

This is what they say in their facebook page:  "We source our pigs from backyard raisers all over the province, are fed 100% organic feeds a week before they are cooked to totally cleanse the pigs’ systems." Good! :D

Lechon Overload at ZUBU CHON Mactan

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crimson Mactan offers SUNDAY FUNDAY BRUNCH at Saffron Cafe

At CRIMSON RESORT and SPA Mactan, There are four restaurants which serve continental and Asian-inspired cuisine in distinct surroundings.Choose depending on your mood.

Listen to the soothing rhythms in the Tempo Lounge under 
a unique collection of locally built lamps.

Keep your beach vibe in the Azure Pool Bar in chaise lounges built for two.

play billiards and darts at Score Sports bar.

Enjoy the buffet in Saffron Cafe and the view of the infinity pool 
through floor to ceiling windows.
 Crimson Mactan offers SUNDAY FUNDAY BRUNCH at Saffron Cafe

Monday, July 9, 2012

One of the Best Days of my Life at CRIMSON RESORT and SPA Mactan

MANILA: 11:00pm --I was talking to my last student in Korea over skype with barely 5hours of sleep the night before and at the back of my mind,I was thinking of how I am going to survive another long night as my wife and I had to leave for NAIA-3 in time for our 4am flight to Cebu.I knew I will make it somehow.I was positive something BIG was waiting for us in Cebu.

CEBU CITY: 6am--- we were in a taxi to downtown Cebu City for a courtesy call with Hotel Elizabeth and the Center Suites.The familiar sights greeted us.It was a bit gloomy that day as another storm passes Northern Luzon similar to the case during our first visit to Cebu City back in 2008.

Bianca Gonzalez is "The ONE" at GLOBE TATTAWARDS 2012 + complete list of winners

Tatt Awards, started last year by Tattoo, the #1 Broadband in the Philippines, has grown
bigger this year with 1,050 nomination which was eventually cut down to 50 finalists.And if the numbers are any indication,that's how successful GLOBE TATTAWARDS 2012 was.

Leading this year’s Tatt Awards 2012 Circle of Winners is TV host-writer Bianca
Gonzalez  http://www.iamsuperbianca.com/ bagged the “The One” award not only for
her online popularity but also for her strong influence in the digital space through the use
of her blog site and Twitter.I have been a regular reader of Bianca's blog and I know how influential she si indeed.During the time when she was very active at blogging,a single post could generate 300+ or 500+ comments from her readers.That's how solid her following is.

Of course that following has increased,not just in blogosphere but on twitter and television especially with her may shows /projects on Abs-Cbn notably Pinoy Big Brother.Sya na! :)

Bianca  Gonzalez  is The ONE
Bianca  Gonzalez  is "The ONE" at GLOBE TATTAWARDS 2012 

OUTBOUND : new and bolder sound from Asian Sensation CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA, ---a repost

I am re-posting this coz as of the moment,I am watching Christian Bautista's THE WAY YOU LOOK AT ME CONCERT on Abs-Cbn and I have never been this nostalgic of Christian and his songs.I was watching GGV tonightto erase that bad vibes I have been feeling the whole day.Then I was just there playing with my phone lying on the sofa too lazy to go usptairs to sleep it off when Christian Bautistas concert coverage started showing.I was still on my phone playing not paying 100% attention.It's Christian Bautista I know,I love the man and I admire him and I still like him, but i have to admit,I am one among many who have simply grown a bit tired of his sound and way of singing.Yes,I am still a fan,but not as passionate a fan as I was before.

Then came all the recounts of his life and career in the past 10 years in the industry and I suddenly realized.I miss Christian Bautista!And I mean it.This The way You Look at Me has so much of Christian's heart and soul in it (I am not referring to the singing) that my admiration to the man has skyrocketed again.

And I recall this encounter I had with Christian a few months back when he had a rare audience with us bloggers in time for the release of his latest album CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA Outbound.

And so I am re-posting this and I think I will be playing this Christian Bautista CD the whole day tomorrow and for the days to come. :)

OUTBOUND : new and bolder sound from Asian Sensation Christian Bautista

Sunday, July 8, 2012

PHL360 webisode #1: The Road to 360

The most thrilling initiative of the Travel Blogging Community is in full swing---PHL360----We were all caught up in the excitement when we were told of this but details of the Travel Webisode were kept from us.It seemed they were cooking something big.And they did.

Lay June 17 saw the official media launch of PHL360.I was in Cebu during that time so I wasn't able to personally join as invited by the group.I sent two of our photographers to cover the event for us.Therefore the photos.

Its rather comforting to finally see the cast on video,complaining,explaining,expressing their fears and excitement as one can finally see that despite being seasoned travel bloggers (most of them), they still get thrilled with the whole thing.This travel show will definitely push those itchy feet to finally board a plane or bus and satisfy the thirst for fun and discovery.

The Travel show promises the perspective of the travel experience itself and how it changes a person more than the actual destination.I still couldn't see that this early but I am sure we will get to that. Enjoy the ride!
introducing the brains behind PHL360

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bento Bento Lunch All You can at FLORA CAFE Hotel Elizabeth Cebu

Oh,I almost forgot.We had lunch at Hotel Elizabeth Cebu before Johnn picked us up for the Center Suites.They have this ongoing promo they call Bento Bento All You Can.

The idea is to choose your combination.The food selection is categorized into four.Each category comprises of around four viands.your choice will comprise your bento meal.And since this is an eat all you can promo,you can refill it again with the same food or a different combination afterwards.That is,if you completely finish your meal.In our case case,I got full after one serving.hahaha

my choice of  Bento Bento Lunch All You can at FLORA CAFE Hotel Elizabeth Cebu

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The COFFEE BEAN and TEA LEAF opens in Harbor Point Subic

“Subic Bay has long been a favorite tourist destination, especially of those who are looking for a quick getaway. Also, it promises much economic and business growth. We are truly excited to grow with the Subic Bay community as we open The Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf in Harbor Point – our first store north of Metro Manila,” shares Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf Philippines.

Who doesn't loooove Subic anyway? Ah, I suddenly miss Ocean Adventure and KAMANA Sanctuary.But this is not about me, it's about The COFFEE BEAN and TEA LEAF Subic.

CBTL_Walden Chu_image
The COFFEE BEAN and TEA LEAF President Walden Chu

the GREAT NORTHERN SALE:SM North Edsa on July 13-15,2012

When given the opportunity to decide on my own as to where to go during our last out-of-the-country travel,I decided to stay and the city of Kuala Lumpur and explore more.I guess I am a city person after all.I went into this famous shopping area in KL and was amazed at one of the poster in a major department store.It says, SALE--June to September 2012? Whaaaaat? They are On Sale on a four month period? Well, maybe that's how serious they are at shopping in KL,more so,in luring the cash rich tourists visiting the country.

The Philippines on the other hand,specifically Manila is of course well know for Shopping SALES as well. We are after all,trying to position our country as one of the best shopping destinations in Asia.And with that, SM SHOPPING MALLS are the front runner.So here we go with the shopping craze.Announcing!!!!!

JULY 13-14-15, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The CENTER SUITES Cebu: Budget Accommodation Meets Luxury @TheCenterSuites

A modern minimalist room with double mattress bed, flat screen LED TV, high speed Wi-fi connection,hot and cold shower,and A/C for as low as 900php per night?Tell me who will not be delighted.Budget accommodation meets luxury.That's what the CENTER SUITES Cebu stands for.

We dropped by the place after having lunch at Hotel Elizabeth.It was part of our planned quick stop in downtown Cebu.As a budget traveler myself,I am keen on discovering nice yet affordable accommodations where I can stay in my future travels.

When one says budget though, we automatically think of dirty and compromised accommodations.Yung tipong, dikapa nagba-byahe,parang wala ka nang gana sa bakasyun mo. Many still try their luck and patience.So it is a relief therefore that a new Pension House has opened in Cebu which offers luxury at less the price.

Ako,mawala na lahat wag lang ang malambot na kama :)

a peek inside HOTEL ELIZABETH Cebu

WONDER about how the rooms are at your dream hotels?As a travel blogger, I get to check in to some of the best hotels and accommodations in the country---from budget to high end.And if the finances restricts, I get the privilege to peek inside the rooms by request. The thing is, we get curious at what to expect inside the rooms and the photos provided in the official websites of some hotels/resorts are not enough to satisfy that curiosity. Here in my PEEK INSIDE SERIES, you get to see more photos of the accommodations you are eying for on your next travel destination..........

Here's a peek a peek inside HOTEL ELIZABETH Cebu

the honeymoon suite at Hotel Elizabeth Cebu

Monday, July 2, 2012

feels like CEBU 2009 all over again

I am reposting this so as to organize my entries.My Cebu Series was cut short of the live blogging challenge in KL so I am putting it back.Will continue on my Malaysia blog after Cebu, and davao is waiting pa.Shayks.If I can only post all of em at the same time.excited :)

We rarely go back to far places we visit.Given the limited financial resources, the rule is to try a new place first as much as possible.Yeah, as much as possible.But it's too difficult to resist sometimes.Boracay was the first exemption.And now there is an addition----Cebu!!!!!

The first time we set foot in this beautiful city was in 2009.Check my entries here.
http://www.pusangkalye.net/search/label/Cebu%20City. The first encounter was a pleasant one.Teresa and I were still dating during that time.I remember going to the main tourist spots downtown, Nuestra Sto.Nino, Magellan's Cross, Cebu Cathedral, Capitol Building, Fort San Pedro and Ayala Mall of course.The usual touristy places if you will.......

 Cebu City +Mactan Island =Happiness!!!! :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

POWER OF ONE to move millions: Globe

Have you seen the latest commercial by Globe Telecom?I know right!I am thrilled!I am a Globe subscriber myself and I have to admit I felt a bit irritated when my mobile data browsing speed was affected by the system upgrade.Good thing I am a blackberry user and I was able to tweak my smartphone in such a way that I could opt for a 2G signal without affecting my data browsing.Thanks bb for pushing it!

But now, all the waiting is about to end as Globe fast tracking its modernization and with it is a new TVC which is moving millions!!!!

ONE leads MANY to soar to new heights.
ONE excites THOUSANDS with a new rhythm.
ONE lights up MILLIONS with new surprises.
ONE person is all it takes to turn the tide and MAKE HISTORY!
We choose to look beyond millions, to see the ONE who moves MILLIONS--YOU.
Empowering YOU, YOUR WAY!

Globe - Power of One to Move Millions

GLOBE and MAXIS kept me connected in Malaysia

One of the dilemma of being in another country is how to stay connected.The need is not just to keep sending and receiving text messages or calls but to access your social media accounts as well. I brought three phones with me on this particular trip.Two of which are smart phones on postpaid terms with two of the major networks in the Philippines.The other one was an old LG phone which I plan   to use for calls and text.

The question is,to  buy or not to buy a local sim?
GLOBE and MAXIS kept me connected in Malaysia
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